Floyd Joy Mayweather is an American professional boxer and promoter. Undefeated in his professional boxing career and a five-division world champion, having won fifteen world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes, Floyd rules the world in almost every way.

The boxer is not only known for his formidable record inside the ring but also for his extravagant lifestyle outside of it. Even though Mayweather retired in 2015 with a perfect 49-0 record, the boxer has successfully continued to grab the headlines time and again. He is well known for being one of the most lucrative pay-per-view attractions of all time.

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Mayweather topped the Forbes and Sports Illustrated lists of the 50 highest-paid athletes of 2012 and 2013, and the Forbes list again in both 2014 and 2015. He was then listed as the highest paid athlete in the world.

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Generating approximately 19.5 million in PPV buys and $1.3 billion in revenue throughout his career, Mayweather has surpassed the likes of former top PPV attractions which include Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao.

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Living a king size life, unlike many, Floyd loves to flaunt his money so much so that he doesn’t miss any chance for it. He has more than often been spotted sharing photos on social media of the heavy cash that he always keeps alongside and other examples of his lavish lifestyle which would make anyone drool. He uses his social media profiles to broadcast these riches, with exuberant displays of wild excesses and demonstrations of unimaginable wealth.

But as it turns out, where money follows, so does controversy. Mayweather was also once blasted for literally burning money. Here are a few drool worthy aspects and moments of his rich lifestyle that will blow your mind and leave your mouth hanging open by the end of the article.

Obsessed with money

Floyd’s Instagram account is all about him traveling with money, covered in money, dressed in money, sleeping on a bed of money and probably even eating it. The star is obsessed with money and he likes to make sure we all know it.

Private jets for his entourage

Where there’s money, there’s a private jet. But Floyd is a step ahead. While answering questions about his personal finances in an interview, he admitted that he charters an extra private jet for his bodyguards while he’s traveling. Why? Well, he’s afraid their weight would drag his Gulfstream V down. INSANE!

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Fleets of luxury cars

Floyd keeps eight luxury rides at his Las Vegas mansion, and even more at his homes in Los Angeles and Miami. Not only that, but his cars are also color-coded by the city. His Vegas cars are white, while his fleet in Miami is all black. Just in case he forgets which city he’s currently in.

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Sleeping on money

Here’s one of Floyd’s Instagram moments while lying on a bed of money like it’s no big deal.

He wears his shoes and boxers only once

What if we told you that Mayweather uses his shoes and boxers like band-aids, using them for a while before peeling them off and getting rid of them? Unbelievable, right? The boxer is known to spend about $6,000 a year on underwear alone, which he throws away after using only ONCE. However, he does leave his shoes behind in his hotel room for the cleaning staff.

His personal barber travels with him

Want to have your personal barber with you at all times? Who hasn’t dreamt of that? Mayweather was recently spotted getting his hair done by his on-call barber on his private jet for his pre-fight promotional tour. I’d kill for somebody to do my hair all the time. *sigh*

Jewellery lover

He spends millions on necklaces, and once had $7 million in jewelry stolen from his house.

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Most expensive golf carts

Floyd Mayweather’s Cadillac golf cart costs more than our cars. The funny thing is, the only sport he plays when he’s not training is basketball.

Louis Vuitton towel

“Yachts, private jets, foreign cars, mansions, unlimited shopping sprees, and I am just getting started! I spoke to God last night and I asked: “Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?” and God said: “NO it was already predestined.” This is what Mayweather captioned a picture of him wrapped in a Louis Vuitton TOWEL.

Breakfasts in Hawaii

Who wouldn’t kill to wake up in a place like Hawaii? “Up early eating breakfast on the balcony of my Presidential Suite in Hawaii. Just enjoying life!

Sportswear company

His clever marketing ideas have helped him become one of the most must-see sportsmen in the world – and not to mention one of the richest. He has a sportswear company called The Money Team, but no deals with Nike, Adidas, or Reebok.

Diamond encrusted iPod case

In 2010, Mayweather posted a picture on his twitter showing off his diamond bedazzled iPod carrying case. His iPod case costed $50,000.

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Expensive betting

Sports betting is pretty common. But if only you knew how much Floyd bets. He was known to make a $200,000 betting on Johnny Manziel.

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One bank account

He has $123 million. In a checking account.

Floyd revealed this to ESPN’s Tim Keown while traveling with Mayweather’s entourage doing pre-fight coverage. He whipped out a bank receipt showing $123 million in his checking account. “One account, baby,” Mayweather said.

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Tickets to his own fight

Floyd spent over half-a-million dollars on tickets to his own fight against Canelo Alvarez. Mayweather shelled out $605,000 to buy his friends tickets to his big throw-down with Alvarez at the MGM Grand. According to Business Insider, the amount Mayweather spent on tickets accounts for less than 1.5 percent of the $41.5 million purse he won after beating Canelo.

Shopping vehicle

Mayweather even goes to shopping in his private jet. This is what he posted on his Instagram, “I wanted to go shopping in another state today so I decided to take the G4 for a spin.”

Expensive gifts

Floyd has a habit of buying his women expensive gifts.

Watch collection

Mayweather’s watch collection is probably equal to the GDP of a small country.

Flaunting pay cheques

Mayweather shows off a $100,000,000.00 cheque from his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Halloween costume

Living up to his name, Floyd attended Halloween dressed as the ‘Money Man’.

This Halloween costume speaks for itself, "Money Man".

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