It is so strange to see that sticking to your goals is one of the hardest things to do in life. With so many distractions around us, we keep looking for reasons to not fulfill our desires. But in reality, nothing was ever more important than our goals and neither any of the goals were useless.

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Most of the things that happen in our lives are a reaction to what we think and then how we react. Now as 2019 is on its way and of course many of us have new goals like every year, we should already work on being more consistent to achieve them. We can make our goals last longer by doing it the right way.

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A little guide below includes steps which you would love to know for your goals this year.

5. Begin With The End Goal

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While it is important to go step by step, having a vision of what you really want to achieve as an end goal would make more sense to you and it increases your motivation level to keep you going for the small steps every day then.

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Usually, when people decide to stay fit, they begin their days by controlling the diet. With this, one can only go for 3-4 days and would later eventually get back to normal. So, the proper way instead is to decide a goal in losing your weight e.g like you want to lose 15 pounds. Now once you have that goal in your mind, you can then look for ways that will bring you closer to your end goal.

4. Organize Your Small Steps

Smaller steps count the most and you need to take one day at a time if you want to turn your goals into reality. Going for a big goal and expecting to achieve it in days or even just a month would only make you fall flat in the end.

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Whenever you choose to bring a long-lasting change, you have to be extra careful with the little details. Start your goal with the smallest step, repeat it every day and then increase the difficulty level slowly to get closer to your endpoint.  

3. Celebrate Each Of Your Accomplishment

Once you are done with the smaller objectives for your goal, you should analyze your performance thoroughly and then celebrate your accomplishments. This gives you the much needed positive push which not only motivates you more to reach closer to your goal but also changes your attitude overall as well. 

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Your achievements could be anything as little as spending days without a cigarette, stopping yourself from extra sugar intake or even going to the gym on hard days. Once you have made them possible, you deserve a small treat or a smiley sticker to put on your date-book or work area, which will also keep reminding you of your strength every day.

2. Real Change Takes Time

Sometimes success never comes even after ticking all the boxes in the right way. It still doesn’t mean anything is impossible. Instead, what you need to understand is that just like everything else, success has its own time as well.

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Apart from that, if you are not able to do the things in the right way despite so much effort, then always remember that anything new at first would test you more only to make you an expert later. Therefore, there is no need to panic or lose your focus

1. Give Universe Its Fair Chance

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There will be some goals in your life when for which you will have to surrender yourself to the universe. You can try and have a deep conversation with the universe through meditation as for bigger surprises, the universe itself wants you to search more.