US president Donald Trump (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Before stepping into the politics, Trump remained a famous television personality and a business tycoon. And he owes his great fortune to these two professions mostly.

Image source : Instagram/the_unstumpable_trump

As a president of United States, he is paid $400,000 annually with another $169,000 for his travel and other expenses. But this is nothing as compared to what he earns through his other businesses.

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Though, we all know Trump owns many of the hotels and golf clubs along with his other businesses. But Trump’s “Financial Disclosure Report” for the year 2017 reveals the oddest businesses that Trump runs which generate a considerable amount of money for him.

Financial Disclosure Report of Donald Trump(Source: Twitter/Blue Beach Song)

Following are the five unexpected sources of Trump’s income:

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New York City-based modelling agency named Trump Model Management is owned by Trump. Melania Trump was also a part of this modelling agency even before she married Trump. Trump made $1 million from this agency last year. However, he reported $714,914 in commission income. Last year the agency announced that it is shutting down.