Relationships can prove to be one of the most complex phenomenons in the world. Being in a relationship does appear to be an achievement and a dream come true. But the truth is that it can also scar you for life. It is common for one to be involved in a relationship and act emotionally under certain circumstances. But, one should be more realistic, sane, good at observing and judging, rational and practical during a relationship. Most of the people make a hasty decision and get involved in a relationship without scanning the other person’s thoughts and approach towards the relationship.

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It is essential that women, in particular, should be able to observe and foresee the intentions of men they are about to get involved with. It might not be as simple as it sounds because the world is full men who date women just to use women. In the initial stage of the dating, all the men act sweet and kind towards women. But as the time passes, they start showing their real intentions. So, how can one differentiate the real, sincere and noble ones from the fake, inconsiderate and manipulative ones? Ladies, there is no hard and fast rule or a mechanism which can detect the intention of the man who wants to date you. The only thing you can do is be wise and rational while judging you partner.

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With the help of research over a period of time, some common sings came to light which can help women spot the good men from the manipulative ones.

8 signs that your guy is genuinely kind and romantic:

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1. He is completely into you. You can clearly see him making an effort to make you a part of his life. He involves you in important situations of his life. He introduces to his friends and family with joyous pride.

2. When he is having a conversation with you, he pays full attention to what you have to say. He is eager and happy to know about the part of your life before him. Long story short, he wants to understand you as a person.

3. When you talk to you friends about him, you get a very positive response. They give you a neutral and third persons opinion about your partner. They tell you that you have found the guy you were looking for.

4. He is super excited about having you in his life. Therefore, he wants the world to know about it. He takes you out and introduces you to everyone he meets.

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5. He believes in honesty in his relationship. He never lies to you about anything including his feelings. He is open with you about his expectations from you in the relationship.

6. He appreciates your efforts and encourages you to achieve your goals. He would never let you down and give up in tough situations.

7. He is considerate about you and respects your privacy. He knows his limits and would never cross them, no matter what.

8. He would put all his thoughts in getting you the most meaningful gifts. He knows you as a person and is well aware of the kinds of things you would love as gifts.

7 signs that your guy is just using you:

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1. He is lazy guy with no ambitions in his life. He is not at all eager to work and prove to you that he can and will make a living for the both of you. Instead, he is dependent on your for supporting the two of you.

2. He does not like to share his feelings and emotions with you. When an argument takes place between you two, he would always blame you for the situation.

3. You will experience a kind and sweet behavior from him only when he will need something from you.

4. He does not trust you and respect your privacy. As a result, he will keep a track of your comings and goings.

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5. He would portray you as the villain of the relationship by playing the victim card. He will depict your false negative image to his friends and family so that they stay distant from you. That way he can have more control over you.

6. He keeps his life a secret from you. He would not let you know what is happening in his life, such as, where he is going or coming from. Long story short, he will keep you in the dark all the time.

7. Since he is not sincere about his relationship with you, he would hesitate to take you along with him when he goes out to events. By taking you with him he will minimize his chances of getting a future partner. Introducing you as a partner to people would mean taking a big step in the relationship which he is not willing to take.