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Have you ever been in love so completely that the world seems to run around in slow motion whenever you are with that special someone? As if you’re constantly floating in a blissful air and feel like everything is incomplete if you’re not around your significant other?

Love is the extremity, a delicate thread that lets you find your way back through all the chaos around you. It is often the case that words just don’t do it justice. Leave it to Pietro Tenuta. Pietro is a young Italian artist who ties all your fantasies and sentiments about love in a world he creates in an image. Under the alias of Maniaco D’amore (Maniac of love), he puts forth some of the most prolific and descriptive artworks.

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He made her ethereal, floating eternally into nothingness held together by the threads he weaved.

I couldn’t separate myself from you even if I tried.

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You’re an addiction, no matter how close or how far you are.

Even in dreams, you possess me.

“Avrebbero continuato a ballare… perfino nei sogni”🖤🌌

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I am incomplete without you, like a heart without its other half.

For Pietro, love is a world filled with pastel colours where emotions are weaved together with passion. His works have profound meaning encased within themselves. For instance, every work where he shows people sharing the pain in the form of injuries doesn’t really depict them in pain. That’s a profound contradiction that gives an even more profound concept to the artwork.

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She poured the memories in her heart.

Your heart is my favorite place to reside in.

You make my heart float.

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Bound by the brain and the heart.

The former graphic designer has stated that he aims to create a visual language for emotions. Rather than just creating images that only look nice, he believes in creating works that incite some emotions in his audience who let their emotions run wild, just like he does. He believes in connecting with his audience on a much deeper level than just visual satisfaction.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve.

It gets harder to even breathe without you.

INNAMORARSI: “Sono rimasto a pensare a quale poteva essere il tema del mio progetto per ore e ore ma giustamente non arrivò nulla, zero, nessuna idea. Ma poi come tutte le volte lei arriva piano piano senza fare rumore, l’ispirazione intendo, arriva e tutto era chiaro, sapevo quale sarebbe stato il tema del mio progetto: l’innamorarsi! Si insomma tutte quelle cose che ci succedono dentro quando ci innamoriamo, ma viste con gli occhi di un Maniaco, ma di un Maniaco D’amore.”🖤🌹 TO FALL IN LOVE: “I was left to think about what could be the theme of my project for hours and hours, but rightly nothing came, zero, no idea. But then like all the times she comes slowly without making noise, the inspiration I mean, arrives and everything was clear, I knew what the theme of my project would be: falling in love! In short, all those things that happen to us inside when we fall in love, but seen with the eyes of a Maniac, but of a Maniac of Love.”🌹🖤

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Let’s meet in the twilight of the moon and lose ourselves.

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