Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in all of Asia. The small state is renowned for their use of technology and advancements in their field of science. The area prides itself on what it has managed to achieve with the resources that were at their disposal.

Today, not only is it a good tourist location, but it is also one of the most powerful economies in the world. The location is a living marvel. With skyscrapers touching the clouds to high-end technology being incorporated in aspects of day to day life. Just take a look at their airport and you’ll see more technology is available to help you than manual labor.

But with all that advancements over the last few decades, some individuals have managed to make big time money. Some invested in growing sectors, while others simply built their own corporations from scratch. But nonetheless, the kind of success the country has seen, it gave rise to millionaires and billionaires.

Who better to spend those millions than the youth of those wealthy families? That’s right. The children/kids have had lives most of us dream of. Every wish they’ve had has come true. And in a place like Singapore, where the per capita income is so high, it takes a little extra to show off. But these kids are not afraid of doing so. From luxury vehicles to private jets, they have it all.

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They shop to impress. Purchasing products from high-end brands, and that too in large quantities.

Their accessories such as watches are technical and diamond studded. Literally.

They can view the entire city from the comfort of their million dollar homes.

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Owning a fancy car is one thing, but owning something that literally represents the king of the road is another.

The kids know how to party. Often going all in regardless of the consequence, since they have too much already.

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Their yachts are the epitome of luxury. And they often utilize them for throwing luxurious parties.

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They have a personal vending machine, but not for soda, but for supercars instead.

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Moreover, they have traffic jams of supercars. Talk about showing off.

Their jets don’t have seats, they have sofas instead. Extreme luxury travel.

Their money allows them to wine and dine with the most famous people in the world.

They take the phrase ‘getting wasted’ way too seriously. And make it way too costly as well.

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The wealthy kids stay together, hang out together and they do it in style.

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