Duomo Cathedral in Milano, Italy. Photo by Andrea Cantoni (

Posted by Places to See Before You Die on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Italy is the ultimate destination if you’re someone who fancies brands, cheesy foods, history and romantic atmosphere. But there is one thing that prevents everyone from visiting, and it is the expenses that the place brings along with it. Italy is regarded as one of the most expensive places to live in. Not only that but it is also heavy on your bank account if you choose to shop there.

As the home of brands such as Armani, it’s bound to be expensive. But not for all. With the rise of multi-billion dollar private companies, individuals from Italy have become richer than people can even fathom. For the youth of their families, having such a massive bank accounts makes Italy their playground.

These kids experience and boast extravagant lifestyles which include driving lavish cars on the streets of Milan, wearing top-notch brands on their sleeves, yacht parties on the beaches of Italy, and the list goes on.

Here are a few pictures of their lush and exotic lifestyle.

Imagine having unending options for wrist fashion. Oh and the Lamborghini is not bad either.

These kids wear the trendiest clothes, drive the best cars, and drink the finest wine known to mankind.

Italy is home to few of the finest clothing brands in the world, and if you’ve got the cash, then you too can live like that!

Italian Supercars are among the fastest and most expensive in the world. The rich there takes full advantage of it and stack up their garages with Lambos!

The country is also home to fashion icons. So the rich kids flaunt their wealth by being part of these luxurious ramp walks and gatherings.

When the roads become too much for the rich to bear, they opt for other modes of transportation.

Even their pets have a better and more luxurious lifestyle than 99% of the world’s population.

Each of those bottles is worth more than the average household income in the majority of the countries.

Getting around the country, or the world is not a hassle for them with their private jets easing their way.

Those big pockets get these kids the million dollar view in this beautiful and exquisite country.