There are many things which reveal the personality you possess. For example, your hand, fingers, lips, and eyes are some of the things through which people can judge you. Similarly, your fist position reveals multiple things about your personality, such as your attitude towards family, friends, and your reaction under a given circumstance.

Type A

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This type of fist position involves the thumb gently resting along rest of the fingers. This a trait of a kind, compassionate, gentle and considerate person. It shows their ability to put themselves in the shoes of the others and act accordingly. Their kind nature makes it easy for the others to approach and talk to you.

Furthermore, this fist depicts their organized and strategic approach towards things in life. They get impatient when they are after their goals. Their kindness takes them to a level where they let go of the unfair deeds happening to them. So, do not let others harm you and take advantage of your kindness.

Type B

People who have a fist position where the thumb can be seen lying across the finger, are super talented and charming. They have the ability to impress people without even trying. They possess a very sharp mind with the ability to react immediately in case of a situation. They are confident brave and outspoken people who are not scared to express what the feel.

Furthermore, they are really ambitious about thing happening in their life. They possess a special target in their life and keep on trying until they manage to achieve it. In order to achieve it, they prefer to strive alone regardless of how curvy the path may be. They try to keep their dreams to themselves because they find people less understanding. They try to stay away from people who judge them without even knowing them.

Type C

Those whose fist position shows their thumb hiding behind the fingers are really shy people. They would like to keep their thoughts private and unnoticed. They would prefer the company of a few selected people or themselves due to fake behavior and dishonesty of people.

Furthermore, they like to stay close to people with the ability to converse with them in a meaningful manner. They are sensitive about their personal space and get mad at people who attempt to invade it. They are considerate people and would try to avoid hurting people’s feeling as much as possible.