Posted by Apple on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This year Apple announced it’s most awaited phone yet, the iPhone X. The phone is claimed to be a game changer where the whole stereotypical look of the phone is changed. People queued up at stores and made websites crash from pre-orders.

The innovative phone made multiple changes. First introducing a new display, paired with an edge to edge screen for an enhanced experience and also the missing signature home button.

Posted by Apple on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Although the phone surpassed all projected expectations, it is now part of a huge controversy. The scandal is centered in China, one of the biggest markets of the iPhone. The issue is related to Apple’s new highly controversial feature, facial recognition.

When the iPhone X was announced, one of it’s most eye-catching features was the new facial recognition technology. The way this works is that the front camera of the phone can recognize your face in order to unlock the phone. Vice President, Craig Federighi, faced backlash when the technology failed on stage at the unveiling of the feature. But that was later credited to being a user error rather than tech problems.

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Now, the highly anticipated feature is under fire again. This time accused of something worse than an error, racism. Users have claimed that the new option cannot tell Chinese people apart despite them having different facial features. It all started when one woman discovered when her son could unlock her phone with his face and another stated that she unlocked her colleague’s phone the same way.

A father, who faced the same problem when his son unlocked his wife’s phone also reported to the Apple Customer Care. In response, he was told that this is a rare case due to the similarities between mother and son. However, due to these reports, Apple has decided to launch a full investigation into the family’s claims.

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The colleague incident is the one that caused more hype. They visited an Apple store to report the problem and found out they could unlock every phone in the store.

Madam Wan, the colleague who could unlock the phone stated that “We look quite ordinary. What if someone picks up my phone and opens it? They could buy stuff through my phone and make payments. We don’t have a sense of security.”

After this incidents, many have labeled Apple as ‘Racist’ since their phones cannot tell Chinese people apart. This allegation has been denied by Apple.

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Apple needs to come up with a solution soon because more and more people are starting to feel that this feature is compromising their security.