It’s time for all India vs Pakistan fans to get ready for a battle that would be more intense than cricket. Yes, we are talking about MMA Championship in Singapore where MMA fighter Rahul Raju will be taking on Pakistan’s Ahmed Mujtaba in the lightweight category on 22nd February.

Image Source: Facebook/ One Championship

One Championship is one of the biggest sports events belonging to the mixed martial arts fighters in Asia. Every year, hundreds of athletes take part in the championship and it has a global repute of hosting the best fights seen in the ring. The excitement would be twice this time as India and Pakistan will face off each other with their MMA fighters Rahul Raju and Ahmed Mujtaba.

Image Source: Facebook/ ONE Championship

Both the countries will enter the championship with great repute as Rahul and Ahmed are already considered as few of the finest talents to have appeared in the ring.

Image Source: Facebook/ Juggernaut Fight Club

Rahul Raju is an ultimate Satira Champion from Kerala in India, but he moved to Singapore in 2011 for studies and to pursue a career in martial arts. He initially took training in Chinese kung fu at the age of 14 and made his debut in February 2016 with a submission win. Ever since then Raju is running on an impressive record in the Singapore Fighting Championships. For him, ONE Championship is a dream come true, and he is eager to take on opponents from all around Asia.

Image Source: Facebook/ Asian Persuasion MMA

But before he moves up in the championship, he will have to fight against Ahmed “The Wolverine” Mujtaba from Pakistan who is already on a role with successful ONE Championship debut last November. To make his name, sacrificed a lot from the time when he was only a full-time student of the Balochistan University of Information Technology. His passion made him leave his fiancée behind to make an arduous 20-hour drive to a gym in Islamabad for his training camps.

Image Source: Facebook/ Ahmed Mujtaba

Ahmed is now aiming to put his country’s name on international radar and he is looking forward to bring back the values of respect, honor, and competitive spirit of martial arts back to Pakistan with his performance.

Image Source: Facebook/ Ahmed Mujtaba

Mujtaba himself was the one who broke the news on the internet with his tweet while criticizing media for not giving the battle enough coverage.

“Pakistan vs India. Media sleeping, sponsors sleeping, brands sleeping!!! What else you can say!!,” he wrote.

It is indeed very unfortunate to see media of both the countries not even batting an eye on the mixed martial arts championships. Every sport should be treated equally irrespective of the amount of money it brings. Every game has one thing in common and that is the passion to win. It is the core responsibility of media to make the public see different games and especially the ones which have the potential to be a great hit.

Image Source: Facebook/ MMA Philippines

With this, the life of various sportsmen will also become better in both the countries as together they have given a lot of moment to be proud of to both the nationalists.