Who is Jack Dorsey?

Jack Patrick Dorsey is a tech giant, the co-founder of Twitter and one of the most influential people in the world. With a net worth exceeding $4 billion, Dorsey has made a name for himself in the business world.

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Naturally, this means he is often in the spotlight. Be it because of his update plans for Twitter, his politics or his social life. Recently, however, Dorsey has been in the news for a snarky tweet.


Jack Dorsey Tweet

It began when the Jack Dorsey official twitter account put out a tweet. It was of a statement from him to his team at Square regarding news about Sarah Friar, his CFO, becoming the new CEO of Nextdoor.

To most people, this would sound like ordinary news. Perhaps a cause for some congratulations to Sarah Friar. Not to Dave Gershgorn though. Dave is a reporter with Quartz who observed how instead of uploading a tweet directly the account had instead uploaded a number of iPhone screenshots.

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While it isn’t unheard of for busy high profile people to use this format of tweeting Dave wasn’t satisfied. Scrolling through Dorsey’s account showed that this was a trend for the billionaire.

Amateur PI and professional scandalmonger Dave decided to uncover the reason behind these screenshots. He then sent Jack Dorsey a tweet asking whether or not he used a laptop or PC of any kind?

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Dorsey’s answer? A short ‘No’. That settles that then. Jack Dorsey – founder of 2 billion dollar companies – doesn’t use a computer.

And if you think that’s amusing here’s some other odd facts you might not have known about Jack Dorsey.

Childhood Obsession

As a child, Dorsey was initially obsessed with trains. This triggered his later fascination with emergency dispatch communications. An odd interest to have, but Dorsey was fixated. It was these voices discussing where they were, where they intended to go and what they would do 24/7 that the inspired Dorsey to create Twitter.

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Mayor of NYC

Dorsey lists former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg as one of his primary inspirations. The billionaire loves the energy of the city and though he lives in San Francisco Dorsey has expressed an interest in someday running for Mayor of New York.


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Morning routine

Apparently, the first thing Dorsey does after waking up every morning is checking his Twitter account. So just like all the rest of us!

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Alternate almost career

We all know the story of how Dorsey was fired from Twitter. But what a lot of people don’t know is that soon after being fired Dorsey received a job offer from none other than Mark Zuckerberg! Apparently, the Facebook CEO was contemplating buying Twitter at the time. Dorsey never ended up accepting.

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Creative job applications

For his first job, Jack Dorsey wanted to work for a dispatch company in New York. But instead of applying the regular way Dorsey decided to try something more creative. The IT tycoon went all out and hacked the company! He then emailed then with a proposal on how to fix the gaps in their security. He got the job.

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Dorsey’s office at Square

What’s Dorsey’s office like at Square? Trick question. He doesn’t have one. The CEO doesn’t even have a desk. He instead roams around the building using his iPad.

Boss turned partner

We all dream about working our way up the corporate totem pole. Dorsey first met Jim McKelvey, his co-founder at Square, when he worked as an intern at McKelvey’s publishing company at 15. In fact, McKelvey then nicknamed him ‘Jack the Genius’ because of how brilliantly he executed every task he picked up.

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Square over Twitter

Dorsey claims that Square will change how people interact with one another. He believes Square will have a bigger influence on people than Twitter ever did. Because it deals with the one language that is universal – money.

As of 2018 Square has become PayPal’s biggest competitor.

Image Source: Instagram/jackdorsey_square