Muthuvel Karunanidhi, former Chief Minister of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Chief of state political party, passed away on Tuesday. Reportedly he suffered multi-organ failure, despite the efforts from the doctors he couldn’t be revived.

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The Tamil Nadu government announced a public holiday on the day following his departure. The state is observing seven days of grief in order to pay homage to the late chief minister.

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The Indian Prime minister, Narendra Modi tweeted,

We have lost a deep-rooted mass leader, prolific thinker, accomplished writer and a stalwart whose life was devoted to the welfare of the poor and marginalised.

An ardent politician and a wordsmith whose acumen and passion led him from dust to glory. Born in a “low caste”, he made his way to the throne defying patriarchy and oppression.

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Karunanidhi aka Kalaignar (artist in Tamil), was a veteran politician and an activist. Before entering politics he made landmarks in Tamil film industry using his writing skills and wisdom. He has made great contributions to Tamil literature as well. His wit and bold opinions made him a fearless leader and people’s person. His socialist plays and writings earned him a censure from fundamentalists. Some of his plays even got banned.


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