Money can make the world go round and with this philosophy, Tsuyoshi Matsushita despite knowing anything about Cristiano Ronaldo or Madonna, convinced them to endorse his products. With that one move, it was obvious that the Japanese entrepreneur was about to go big and therefore he ended up turning his company into a $2.3 billion worth firm.

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Matsushita’s MTG Co. is now known for making a variety of skin care products with Madonna as their front face and at the same time, they have also developed an abdominal muscle-training device called SIXPAD which is advertised by Ronaldo. With both these products, the company has been able to achieve the $400 million mark in terms of revenue last fiscal year and its shares also climbed 27 percent in July. Matsushita’s all fingers are in gold as he retains a 72 percent stake in the company.

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“Most people wouldn’t even try to get Ronaldo or Madonna because they think it’s such a slim chance,” the president of MTG Co. said in an interview in Tokyo. But “I’ve been thriving on that 1 percent chance since birth. And I’ve gotten lucky.”

The 48-year-old entrepreneur initially began with selling a different breed of rabbits, which looked like pandas, near his home on a small Japanese Island back in his school days. He used to buy the Dutch rabbits from Nagasaki and for a little while, the business brought in some really good cash. But it was all till the moment when rabbits lost their uniqueness as a lot of them were bred and sold there.

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He always had an aim to make products of his own and for this purpose, he started off with MTG in 1996 by making products which ranged from health-care items to ceramics. In 2009, after years of struggle, a product called ReFa massage roller, which uses microcurrents to promote blood circulation, became his company’s first major hit.

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This gave him a major confidence boost and soon, Matsushita became determined to develop a skincare brand in partnership with Madonna. He met with a lot of advertising agencies and casting agents to somehow get to Madonna but all of them told that it was near to impossible. But as they say if your heart is in the right direction then anything is possible and after a lot of effort, Matsushita found a mutual contact.  


“I started asking those around me if they knew Madonna,” Matsushita said. “They looked at me like I was crazy. But eventually someone knew someone and after a while, we were finally able to reach her.”

MTG came out with the MDNA SKIN brand with the Queen of Pop in February 2014. The line up includes a range of products which are also technology bound such as a clay mask that can be removed by a magnetic device, which is promoted as using “blessed waters” from thermal springs in Italy.

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This all wasn’t enough for Matsushita as his next target was to make the five-time FIFA Player of the Year, Ronaldo represents his ReFa Active facial beauty roller. This time again all the efforts of meeting the agencies went in vain as he found the contact among his network. He approached him directly and soon he convinced the soccer star to make his dream come true. In July 2014, MTG had Ronaldo on board as well.


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Right after a year, the company launched SIXPAD, a device that uses electrical muscle stimulation to tone the abdomen and other parts of the body. The machine wraps around the waist or limbs and sends electrical currents through the muscles, causing contractions and essentially working out that body part.


Cristano Ronaldo with SIXPAD

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Since Ronaldo already had a partnership with them, therefore, the advertisements for SIXPAD in which he featured become a rage in Japan. This not only increased Ronaldo’s fan following there but it also helped MTG in selling more than one million units of the device in the past three years. However, MTG never confirms the sales figures.


In order to promote SIXPAD’s effectiveness, Matsushita also contacted three researchers who specialized in EMS to ensure the public that it was not a gimmick.

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“Theoretically, muscle contraction induced by Sixpad can improve muscle mass and strength,” said Kohei Watanabe, an associate professor at Chukyo University who co-authored the study.

MTG’s is now looking forward to increasing the number of training gym locations which would use its SIXPAD products. The company currently has only one SIXPAD STATION in Tokyo, but are determined to open 5,000 of such stations worldwide, which would include 500 being opened in Japan.