As Mandy Moore reached the prime of her career, she purchased a mid-century home with fiance Taylor Goldsmith in Pasadena, California. It’s a four bedroom house worth $2.6 million.

Image Source: Instagram/archdigest

The sweet diva Amanda Leigh Moore aka Mandy Moore has nailed her expertise in every genre. American actress, singer, and songwriter got separated with her husband Ryan Adams, a musician, in 2016. She is currently dating Taylor Goldsmith with whom she is all renovating her new house.

Image Source: Facebook/mandymoore

After purchasing her house with her fiance, Moore hired a famous interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. This house was an art product of Harold Zook previously. Architecture Digest featured an intimate interview of Moore where she gives a tour to her exotic abode.


The house constitutes 1.45 acres of land, with a floor to ceiling glass walls, it has a spa, a pool, a breakfast nook, a depository library and an exquisite living area.

(Image Source: Instagram/archdigest)


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