It is natural for new moles to grow and older ones to get darker during pregnancy and adolescence. Gypsies and mystics believe that the appearance and growth of moles on specific parts of the body can tell a lot about an individuals personality and therefore it can be said that each mole has a meaning behind it. So what does each mole have to say about your destiny?  Let’s find out.


image Source: Facebook/Zersey

Mole in the middle of the forehead denotes wisdom and intelligence.  Whereas, moles on the right side suggests wealth and moles on the left side denote that the person is egocentric.



Image Source: Facebook/Emma Gregory

Moles in the middle of the chin indicate that the person is indicative of nobility and principles. A mole on the right of the chin might be a sign of rationality and diplomacy. People with moles on the left side of their chin are mistaken to be arrogant, when, in reality, they are straightforward and extravagant.



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A mole outside the corner of the right eye may indicate soberness, honesty, and loyalty. However, moles on the left eye represent arrogance and disloyalty.