The Dog McMansion

Paris Hilton just unveiled the personalized mansion built for her dogs and it is amazing. The beautiful and veritable palace for her canine pets is considered so stylish and tasteful that it has been featured in an array of interior decoration magazines.

Paris’s pets often accompany her on her fashion shoots. Image Source: Instagram/parishilton

Decor and Interior Designer Journal have already run articles and pieces covering the carefully handpicked interior and furnishings inside the Dog mansion, wowing over its careful design to suit it’s furry resident’s needs.

The Dogs have their own costume storage in the Mansion as well. Image Source: Instagram/hiltonpets

Paris herself was quite open about wanting luxury for her dogs on her Instagram, according to Elle Decor.

“My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier,” Hilton wrote. “Loves it.”

The mansion is a double storied palace that is completely customized for dogs. There are hand picked beds for the dogs on the upper floor, carefully measured to match the dog’s size and to maximize comfort for their anatomy. The mansion also contains specified dining areas for the dogs where they have their own custom feeding bowls for their expensive brands of dog food.

Paris’s viral tweet unveiling her pet’s home. Image Source: twitter/ParisHilton

The mansion also contains entirely separate closets for the resident dogs, each containing costumes and outfits for the dogs themselves should Paris choose to dress them up for different occasions. There is also centralized air conditioning to maintain an adequate room temperature for the dogs no matter the season. This is important for dogs with thick fur coats as they might be unable to regulate their body temperature during the summers for example.

The Cost

The entire design and construction of the house cost Paris a hefty bill of nearly $325,000. The high cost comes from the expensive Italian architecture firm Paris hired to design and customize the entire mansion.

One of Paris’s favourite dogs and a common sight in her IG videos. Image Source: Instagram/parishilton

The double story design choice also inflated costs as Paris preferred to have the upper floor dedicated to bedrooms while the lower floor served as a living room and lounging area. All of which seemed to point to the fact that Paris wished the mansion would basically be a scaled down version of her own house.