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In psychology, studying one’s ideas and behavior is a way of evaluating their personality. Questions like “What is your stance on this matter?” or “Why did you switch from majoring in Physics to Economics?” Answers to these produce good qualitative and valid data that help Psychiatrist analyze a person’s personality.

Of course, you wouldn’t think that colors, symbols, and sounds can be used as tools in the field of Psychology. But in reality, different forms of art are very useful in determining personality types. Technically, one’s preference of a certain color or object is a part of their ideas. The nature of these artistic options can give some insight into what the person likes/dislikes. Similarly, recent studies have found that a 6-Feather Test, where a respondent chooses one unique feather, can explain a lot about their personality.

If you’re curious about your personality type, You can try out the test too! Study the six feathers below. Choose one of these, after considering its shape, size, and color. Then find out what your favorite feather says about you!

Feather # 1: Imagination

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You love to dream and you’re a sucker for fantasies. This makes you highly ambitious and optimistic. You tend to set milestones for yourself as you go on conquering them. Due to this need for constant progress, you can sometimes be a little too hard on yourself or others around you. It goes without saying, that you’re a perfectionist. Once you’ve dreamed it, you can’t stop chasing it.

Feather # 2: Evolution

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Your choice of this feather suggests that you are a flexible person. You welcome change with open arms. This makes you a very good learner because you adapt to new ideas. Also, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you possess multiple talents. From confusing concepts to basic techniques, you get it all.

Another great advantage of your flexibility is your strength in relationships. It’s not difficult for you to settle for a compromise. This makes you a very easy friend or relative to have around.

Feather # 3: Pro-activity

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You’re the kind of person that works better under pressure and can multitask like a pro. You always want to keep busy, inactivity makes you lose your mind. With a high level of productivity, you make use of every resource that you can get your hands on. People love you for getting things done and you’re an example to learn from, for those who laze off.

Father # 4: Harmony

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Calm and collected, you also like to have common ground. These factors make you a great friend. You’ll always be trying to fit into any setting that you’re present at. Following the footsteps of your favorite people, you adopt their likes and dislikes. You also try to meet other people’s expectations. This makes you a very peaceful member of society. You’re the ideal person that conforms to all the norms. This could be good because it means there’s one less person disrupting the social order. Yet, it also shows that you don’t really have your own opinion and everything you do/say is just a result of influence.

Feather # 5: Creativity

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Inspiration to create something new comes easily to you. You love creating art, whether it’s in the form of music or drama. The only thing that hinders your success in pursuing your talents is a lack of confidence. Sometimes you doubt your performance a little too much. This insecurity keeps you from taking risks and at least attempting at what could be.

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