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In many popular beliefs across the world, angels are displayed as the opposing force for evil beings like demons. Angels are what represents all the good in the universe. Majority of the times, serving God.

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But how can you tell an Angel apart from one another? It’s simple, they each have different sets of wings. Their wings, represent what kind of power they have, their identity and what they can actually do.

In the same context, each human is gifted with something that sets him/her apart from the rest. Keeping that in mind, your choice of angel wings can speak something about you as well. A certain choice of wings will, therefore, reveal what kind of powers are most appealing to you, and what blessing lies deep in your heart.

So without any delay, pick a wing and find out what it says about your blessings.

Soul Wings

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A gentle soul and a good/kind heart is the blessing that lies deep down within you. It makes sense because if you chose these wings, you’re an old soul that has wandered the Earth for a very long time. It has seen everything good and everything bad but the innocence has not faded away.

Just Wings

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The name on its own is self-explanatory. You’re someone who’s been blessed to judge between right and wrong. Which naturally makes you a brilliant representative of justice. You’re able to eliminate biases and do what is right regardless of the consequences.

Wings of Truth

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Your natural blessing is honesty. Although it doesn’t always work in your favor. You may lose a friend or someone close due to your blatant honesty. But that is the only things that keep you normal. You’re a big fan of truth, in pretty much any situation of life. This allows you to see who’s a good friend and who isn’t.

Love Wings

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The blessing here is in the name itself, and that is a loving heart. You’re a natural at love, always willing to give to others without actually expecting anything in return. This doesn’t always end well, with some taking this ability for granted. But your heart never changes, and you remain as good as you always were meant to be.

Wings Of Success

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You’re a natural when it comes to succeeding in everything. So it only makes sense that your blessing is the will/determination to succeed, and your wings play a part in helping you achieve those dreams. Your never-ending passion for success is what makes you who you are. And it isn’t driven based on the fact that you want to prove it to others, but on the fact that you have what it takes to pull it off.

Wings Of Hope

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One of the biggest blessings anyone can have is to stay positive in any situation what so ever. Much of the times, people stress themselves out. But your blessing allows you to stay optimistic in all spheres of life. No matter what is thrown at you, you always hope for something better. This also allows you to stay at peace with yourself.

Warrior Wings

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You’re a calm and gentle soul, but it should not be taken for granted because you have a warrior inside you as well. This warrior allows you to protect those close to you and those who look up to you. Your biggest blessing is the warrior inside you, which refuses to give up until he/she has won what they were fighting for.

Wings Of A Dream

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Dreamers are people who can create things that are amazing to witness. And that is a blessing on its own, your mind where you reside in. You’re a naturally gifted person who is able to find peace in their own mind, something others find it difficult to do. But this does make you slightly introverted sometimes.

Wings Of Desire

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Desire itself is your greatest blessing. You’re passionate, committed and wild towards what you desire. This allows you to have big aspirations from life, often chasing things people can only dream of. It also allows you to achieve the things you want the most because you are driven by the desire encoded within you.

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