The newlywed couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, becomes the talk of the town, wherever they go. But this time in a rather interesting interview, Priyanka spilled the beans on how Nick proposed her and how tough was it for the Bollywood star to adjust in Nick’s family.

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Priyanka appeared for the first time after her marriage in the popular Indian Talk Show, Koffee With Karan. The host of the show Karan Johar is known for putting guests into trouble with his controversial questions so that obviously meant Priyanka had to answer what the audience wanted to know about her relationship.

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But surprisingly, the former Miss World talked about her married life, Nick’s family and her upcoming plans with all honesty and ease. She was invited with another fellow Indian actress Kareena Kapoor and together they had the best of laughs while being on the hot seat.

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Of course, most of us would love to know how Nick proposed Chopra as that is the most beautiful part of any relationship, so finally, Priyanka responded to all the curiosity that was built for months.

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On the show, Priyanka told that Nick proposed her just after being in the relationship for a few months. The duo was on vacation in Greece and taking advantage of such a beautiful destination, Nick sat down on one knee in front of Priyanka with a Tiffany’s box in his hand. This shocked Priyanka as she took 45 seconds to accept the proposal with happy tears in her eyes. She didn’t have any idea about Nick’s plans as he took his brother along with him on their trip. But when the moment came, Nice had shut down a Tiffany’s store just for her. Priyanka was continuously blushing while telling about her romantic moment.

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“We dated like for two months. So, he was on his knees and he had this big Tiffany box which had like another box. It took me 45 seconds to say yes.”

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Priyanka considers herself very lucky for being married in a family that values her by all means. Nick’s parents were kind enough to compromise on how both the stars wanted to marry. Therefore, the actual wedding only comprised of Priyanka’s mother and brother while Nick only had parents and four brothers along with their families on his side. Although she experienced slight cultural shocks while settling into the Jonas family, they were still very accepting and supportive.

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Since how both of them are so popular on social media, the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador now accepts the fact in the age of social media, pictures will last forever and let them be. Maybe that is why they looked absolutely adorable together in pictures from the Oscars this year.