After more than 70 years of partition, the central government of India has finally decided to put the enemy properties for ‘public use’. Majority of such properties were previously owned by people who migrated to Pakistan and a significant proportion in the list also belong to the families that moved to China after the Sino-India war in 1962. The state governments have been informed about the recent resolution and they will now look after all the bidding process in their regions.

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Together, these properties are 9,400 in numbers and they have a net worth of 1 lac crore. Moreover, these properties still hold Rs 3000 crore of the enemy shares.

According to the notifications issued by the Home Ministry, the Enemy Property Order 2018 has been revamped in relation to the given guidelines that facilitates the usage of enemy properties by the state government exclusively for the public.

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A detailed breakdown of the listed properties further revealed that among the total, 9,280 enemy properties were left behind by migrants who moved to Pakistan (4,991 are located in Uttar Pradesh, the highest in the country. West Bengal has 2,735 such estates and Delhi 487)

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Whereas, the remaining 126 belonged to Chinese nationals ( 57 are in Meghalaya, West Bengal has 29 and Assam seven)

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“The estimated value of all enemy properties is approximately Rs 1 lakh crore,” Union minister of state for home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir had told the Rajya Sabha last year.

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The Central government wants to ensure that these properties remain in good hands and for a similar reason, they had even formed a high-level committee last month. Members of this committee will collectively assist in suggesting the price, price band and quantum of the enemy shares (that are still worth Rs 3,000 crore)

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It is not for the first time that the Central government has taken control over the enemy assets as prior to this, 996 companies with 20,323 shareholders and a whopping total of 6,50, 75, 877 shares are already under the custody of Enemy Property for India. More surprisingly, 588 companies among them are still functional, in which 139 are also listed.

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While India is claiming that the central and state governments own all the shares of such assets, these recent reports are indeed a heartbreaking situation for all those families who built everything before partition, only to see their precious belongings being wasted like this.