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Every human being is unique in their own way, but experts who have a keen eye for details keep re-discovering new patterns of behavior that are believed to be fixed since our childhood and can be applied to the rest of the world.

The psychology tricks below will surely affect your communication skills make your life easier in some way.

A song stuck in your head?

Try to think of the end of the song. The famous Zeigarnik effect, our brain remembers the things that we’ve left unresolved. So if you think of the end of the song you will definitely get it out of your head.

To find out if a person likes you, pick a word

Every time a person uses this word or similar word phrases just nod and smile. If that person does like you, watch them start using the word all the time.

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If you believe a person doesn’t like you

Ask them if you can borrow an item of theirs, like a pen or pencil. A person who doesn’t like you will likely refuse but it’s such a small favor, the person will most likely won’t be able to say ‘No’. He will come to the conclusion that you’re not that of a bad guy.

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Move in a crowd quickly

In crowded places, your eyes should be right in front of you between the gaps, in the direction in which you’re going towards. You will be shocked watching people literally give way to you.

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Check who likes who

When a laughter situation breaks out in a group, each one will look at whichever person they feel closest to in that group. This is a smart way of spotting who is secretly sleeping together at work and who has a crush on who.

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Make others take your words more seriously

When you want someone to convince someone of something. Say that your father or mother taught you this. People believe parent’s advice very quickly.

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Check if someone in your surrounding is watching you

Just yawn and look around at your surroundings. If someone is really staring at you while you’re not looking, they will yawn too. Yawning is highly contagious.

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Make people will agree with you

When you’re talking just nod and maintain eye-contact. ‘Nod’ sign means everything coming out of my mouth is true. The other person will also nod back at you.

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Trick someone to carry your stuff

Continue talking to that person while handing over the box or books etc. Most of the people wouldn’t even notice you’re handing them something and will grab it. People who are more attentive and not that close to you may get confused.

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Make a friendly impact by a handshake

When shaking hands with someone, make sure your hands are warm. Warm handshakes indicate a friendly atmosphere while cold handshaking will do the opposite.

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The reverse guilt 

If you want to make someone help you, start your sentence with ‘I need your help…’ People usually hate feeling guilty at times and that’s why they won’t refuse to help.

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