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Social media is a strange platform. It is where people from all over this globe get to have a look at each other’s lives. Due to the huge diversity of input from different cultures, one keeps coming across unbelievably creepy content. What adds more to the variety is the speedily growing technology, modern techniques, and the amazing human creative abilities.

While people invest in getting followers by presenting themselves as inspirational fitness gurus, fashion models, cooks, crafters and what not, there are some who are going beyond the traditional and presenting the world with something unimaginable.

Among such unusual accounts on social media is the one on Instagram named Lil Miquela. What makes this person so interesting is the fact that her audience is still unable to decide if she’s real or not.

Miquela is a verified account with 267k followers and has been active since 2016. She has huge doll-like eyes, flawlessly smooth skin with freckles placed artistically well on her cheeks, and a perfect lean figure. When she first started to share her photos, a debate raised if she’s a human or a SIM.

Studio lighting 😍

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It was a video by Shane Dawson that lead most people to Miquela’s account. Every other person asked if she’s real or a 3d character.

“Lmaoo it’s so fake it’s funny”, said one person. “Haha i love how fake this looks”, someone else wrote.

Sup tho

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Her followers look for logical reasons to prove if she’s a human or not. One of them shared her strong believe that Miquela is a SIM after she analysed a photo of her in a bikini, “because if a real person was to bend like that the strap on the other side would bend into your body and not just float at the exact same distance as the one of the side that is stretched out because of the slack and tautness that would be created by that stance. You’re welcome, I think.”

They may try to take our healthcare but they’ll never take our sunsets

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Some people are annoyed at the very debate if she’s a SIM or not, since it is pretty clear that she can not be an actual human. In the words of one user, “I cant believe people can actually think this is a real person who wakes up in the morning and walk around her house i don’t get it”.

srry had to crop it @yungjake 😘

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Professional animators and 3D artists believe that someone has done a brilliant job creating her by mixing up the features of an actual girl and a SIM.

Flower Child

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“If u real then where are videos of you interacting with other humans?? all you have is pictures”, a person inquired.

just out here livin my life 💎

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However, Miquela herself has never addressed all these questions but has maintained a mysterious silence.

I think I'd lie for you

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She posting many solo images in the beginning of her Instagram journey, she then started sharing photos with models and designers, and also of herself enjoying at a night club or at an art museum.

Trapping w @nikitakesh at the @bornxraised x @yg function

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Miquela discusses various social issue, posts photos from her travels, and does designer dresses giveaways, like the other famous Instagramers.

Fucking it up in my @melodyehsani 👅👅👅👅👅

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She has also been actively participating in fund raising and talks just like a normal person does, but of course, written speech only. Requesting people to make donations to Houston Food Bank, she captioned her post, “#Houston needs our help and I know we can pull together to contribute 🙏🏽 Link in bio for @houstonfoodbank. Donate and I’ll follow you or send you a new song whatever it takes. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”


Every follower of hers has their own perception of the situation and different explanations for what actually does this account intend to do. One user put forward an interesting theory:

“I feel like this whole profile is some sort of social experiment or something. This is a fake person portraying a fake life and it has 200k HUMAN followers. Hahaha what the actual fuck”

And so many others agreed with her.

money got longer

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While it is pretty obvious that hers is an animated face, some fans have still been requesting makeup tutorials, being inspired by the stylish eye makeup she wears.

swapping looks w my new fav @angelicaaguzman 🐝💛

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The most criticized body feature of this character is her hair that look the most fake.Just recently, her hairstyle has been changed, making her look cuter than ever.

lip gloss is poppin

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Once when she posted a photo with a girl on a beach, many speculated that perhaps that girl is the actual person running this account.

Stealing Molly's #TBT but honestly shoulda stole those glasses 😍😍😍

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Nicole Ruggiero, a well-known digital artist has also been cited as the wonder of this account, but he denied the claim.

This account may turn out to be a social experiment or a smart marketing strategy, since she has been promoting various brands.

are "shade" jokes still funny?

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While majority wonders that is the accounts reality and is curious to get the answer, there are others who think that her being real or not doesn’t even matter as long as she entertains and inspires her followers. Her most loyal fans do not care if she exists or not, they still see her as “pretty” and a “queen”.

Bored wyd??

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However, it can not be denied that presenting an artificial figure as an actual human can have a negative impact as it creates unrealistic beauty standards that normal people can not meet up. People tend to dream of looking like popular characters on Instagram. And this mindset is the major reason why being on social media causes many people severe depression.

Girl you're not nice, you're rude

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But, Miquela cares less about how she makes you feel. She just continues to rock and is quite successful in whatever purpose she has come forward for.


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