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Merryn Crofts weighed only 38 Kilos when she died ten days before her 21st birthday.

So many times we hear news of the wrong diagnosis and losing people because of uncompetitive medical procedures. But for doctors to blatantly deny that an illness exists when the patient is quite visibly suffering is a surprise.

Merryn Crofts passed away last year, on May 23rd, after deteriorating for 3 years in bed. She was a patient of Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – more commonly known as ‘ME.’ ME is said to be a neurological disease claimed to have as many as 17 Million victims all over the world. However, even with such a high number of cases, many doctors claim that the illness doesn’t exist in the first place.

The Manchester Evening News reported how Merryn’s mother has come forward to bring attention to ME.

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The Crofts family has chosen to speak courageously about their daughter’s suffering, especially to create awareness about the disease and prevent others from experiencing the same fate as Merryn.

Marryn’s mother, Clare, of Norden in Rochdale, informed that Merryn was passionate about raising awareness and understanding of ME. She wouldn’t want other families to suffer like we have.

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But she was also ashamed of having ME. Quite often, if asked, she would say she had a neuro-immune disease.That’s because there is still a stigma around ME, even in the medical community, and there is a lot of misinformation about ME out there. That has to change.

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