You might be sick of one degree that you chose to pursue for your desired career, a late Congress Politician from India, Shrikant Jichkar, on the other hand got 20 of them and became a Doctor, Lawyer, MBA, Ph.D., Youngest MLA, Painter, Photographer and much more together in his lifetime.

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Shrikant always believed that knowledge is the best investment which later became the core reason for his name going down in history as one of the most eligible politicians and human beings around the world.

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Being brought up in a family of a wealthy farmer in Nagpur Katol, he successfully completed 20 degrees from 42 different universities and did all sorts of things ranging from becoming a painter to stage performer, MLA, IPS and IAS officer. However, his journey started during the years of 1973-1990 after successfully completing his M.B.B.S degree and then realized that life is too big to stop at one particular field. His other most notable degrees include Masters in Sociology, LLB, LLM, MA in Economics, MA in Public Administration, MA in Psychology, MA in Sanskrit and MA in English Literature.

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He obtained most of the degrees with first merit and gold medals before he turned 24. The quest for academic knowledge did not end here as he also single-handedly established the Sanskrit University in Maharashtra and served as its Chancellor. Moreover, he had personal libraries all across India which together had a collection of 52,000 books.

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Although his political career started back in his college days, the first major breakthrough for him came when he got elected to the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1982–85) and Maharashtra Legislative Council (1986–92). Till date, he also stands as the youngest MLA in the history of India – at the age of 25.

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In 1978, Dr. Jichkar wrote exams for Indian Civil Service only to get selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS). But that still wasn’t enough as, after his resignation within 2 years, he then aimed for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1980.

With all his efforts, he eventually became a very powerful minister and was assigned 14 portfolios at one time.

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His reign ended when Dr. Jichkar lost the Rajya Sabha elections in 1999. But to continue with more of his productive endeavors, he chose to travel around the world and spread awareness about health, education and religion. An artist by heart, he also enjoyed painting, photography and performing in plays as his hobby. At the same time, he also represented India at UNESCO.

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By the time he was in his forties, he got diagnosed with cancer in his adrenal glands. But, Dr. Jichkar lost his life in a car accident while driving back home from a friend’s farm in Nagpur on June 2nd, 2004.

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Dr. Jichkar’s life will continue to be an inspiration for everyone with a passion and heart. He always aimed for more in life and strived to achieve all that he wished for till his last breath.