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Our social actions are unique, most courageous, occasionally absurd and yet always strange. Strange and bizarre because they leave us amazed for a moment. And there are strangest women around the world who defied all norms either by setting an example or by shaking expectations of many. These strange women made world records, came in headlines and amazed the people around the globe. To serve your curiosity, we have made a list of some Strangest and Bizarre Women from around the world.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany is an inspiration for many. She is a surfer who after losing her arm to a shark attack, returned to the waves braver than ever. In 2005, she won a National Surfing title.

National Surfing Title winner,2005(Source: Twitter/Bethany Hamilton)

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Source: Twitter/Bethany Hamilton

Aevin Dugas

Aevin’s story tells us that patience is the key to achieve anything. She made into the Guinness World Record by becoming a woman with the largest natural Afro. She grew it in around 12 years which is now 1.3 meters.

Avin has world’s biggest Afro (Source: Twitter/Jamesetta M. Walker)

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Source: Twitter/Jamesetta M. Walker
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