Artists are believed to be social misfits. All around the world, they are seen as rebels who decide to live on their terms, defying all norms and traditions. They manifest their unique souls through all departments of their lives, be it their day to day routine, the food they eat or they kind of relationships they have. Everything about their existence is a reflection of their colorful inside.

Having a tattoo is another way of personalizing their bodies and making it a mirror to their hearts. To a rebellious person, a tattoo is not just for aesthetic purpose but has a deep meaning.

However, not all cultures allow such openness and it becomes hard for a person to survive if he dares go against what’s socially acceptable. And thus some of us might want to keep our tattoos hidden. Also, they are not to prove something to the world in the first place, but just a reminder for our own selves to appreciate our own being.

Following are some tattoo ideas for those who want to keep their body art exclusive to themselves or their physically intimate partners.

1. This cute paw print as a memory of your lost cat

If you’ve ever owned a cat you’d know this tattoo could mean the world to you. Many cat owners are obsessed with their cats and buy tons of expensive food and toys for their pet. But this tattoo could also mean as a memory of your lost or deceased cat. It can be a special reminder of the bond you had with your cat.

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2. A little heart that you hold dear

This heart tattoo can also mean the world to you. This tiny heart tattoo is no ordinary one. It could mean a significant amount of importance for your loved ones. You can even write their name or a short message and construct it in a way that it shapes a beautiful heart.

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3. A simple elephant to signify the beauty your days hold

Our days in this world are short. This tattoo could mean the essence of your young days when there are very fewer responsibilities in the world for you to handle.

This simple tattoo also signifies your beauty that is stored in our 20’s or 30’s.

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4. To live like the lotus, at ease in the muddy water

This one is specifically for the ladies. A lotus may be a powerful reminder of how you got out of the bad times in your life and now live a happy life.

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5. Your magic crystal bottles

This is for the ones who believe in the magic of the universe and aren’t afraid to tell it to the world and make them believe in the miracles that revolve around them every day.

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6. A hidden romantic’s desire

Romantic couples often have a strong passion for each and this tattoo is the perfect sign of love for you to show it to the world.

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7. Speaking of your wonderful potential for growth

Often in life, we get stuck at a point where we are unable to comprehend even the simplest of things. This tattoo may be a powerful reminder that there is always room for growth in terms of your personality and other aspects of your life.

8. About the proud female that you are

Females who get this tattoo are proud individuals who take pride in their sexuality and are not afraid to show it the world.

9. Because you feel secure and grounded

An anchor is a powerful indicator of how your life feels stable and secure. Like the typical anchor that is thrown to the seabed out of a boat to secure it, an anchor on your skin might mean the same thing.

10. You passionate soul that yearns growth

Getting a tattoo like this means your soul is passionate about learning new things in life and growing accordingly. Your habits, actions, relationship, and career may all revolve around this tattoo.

11. When you hold the entire world within you

This tattoo may mean different things to different people. For some tattoo indicates how their world revolves around a specific person and for some it’s the love for mother nature.

12. A proud sensitive Cancerian

Zodiac tattoos are for the ones who are keen believers in how the planets and stars align to make dramatic changes in their life and personality. Some people tend to get these type of tattoos in areas where everyone can see and some are secretive.

13. Because the beauty of your heart reflects in your art

Inner beauty is only known by the people close to you or yourself. This tattoo indicates and lets people know that everyone is beautiful and kind from inside in their own unique way.

14. Holder of cosmos, achiever of balance

Space, universe and galaxy tattoos are for the ones who are wanderers in this world. These people tend to think about the vastness of this universe and get tattoos like this to remind them that they’re just specks of dust in this world.

15. About the demons that haunt you

If you’re a fan of weapons this tattoo might be best for you. People get all sorts of weapon-related tattoos on their skin. Most of them are members of a mafia indicating that they belong to this specific group but ordinary people who are fans of guns can also get this tattoo.

16. To keep your faith high

Religious people often tend to attend churches or read the bible but some rebellious people get these type of engravings to remind them of their faith and their purpose in life.

17. Being who you are

Sometimes people are obsessed with a random word or phrase but for them, that word or phrase may mean so much more. That word could have possibly changed their lives for good which is why they get it imprinted on their body.

18. Those digits that mean the world

This tattoo can mean so much than just a few numbers. People get these type of tattoos to remember a specific date or event that occurred on that date. A wedding or the birth of first child. It is to be remembered for the rest of their lives.

In the end, it is your life and you have all the liberty to do as you see fit. For some people, tattoos are important for some it is just for fun and for some it is the part of their religion thus everybody carries a tattoo for different reasons and we all must respect it.