Real estate is the first thing rich people invest in. And why not! Who doesn’t want to feel luxurious and comfortable in their own home? Be it a quirky aesthetic or a sleek modern look you want your abode to represent you. Increasingly the rich and famous are choosing to live in lavish apartments all over the world.

Here are the 10 most expensive apartments in the world.

1. Opera Residences: Australia – $19 million

A stunning view is definitely one of the foremost factors for driving up real estate prices. And what location provides a more picturesque view than Sydney Harbor in Australia. Overlooking these sparkling waters are the Opera Residences. These 3 bed 4 bath luxury apartments are priced at $19 million each. And are definitely loved by the rich. One family went so far as to purchase multiple apartments in the same block for a high $42 million.

Image Source: Instagram/luxurylistau

2. Millennium Tower: Boston – $33 million

Haggling over prices isn’t just for the poor. Billionaire John Grayken purchased his 13,000 square foot lavish Millennium Tower apartment for $33 million, after negotiating the price down from the original $37.5 million. The 420 available grand apartments have floor to ceiling windows that provide a spectacular view of Boston’s harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

Image Source: Instagram/hannemangonzales

3. Waiea Tower: Hawaii – $36 million

Hawaii isn’t the most popular vacation destination for no reason. And the Waiea Tower apartments are the best residence Honolulu has to offer. Its 5 bedrooms opulent penthouse holds the record for the most expensive Hawaiian apartment ever sold at $36 million. Tower residents have access to amenities like a library, spa, gym, movie center, indoor golf simulator and room-service high-quality sushi.

Image Source: Instagram/j.t.premier

4. Yerba Buena Tower: San Francisco – $42 million

Orlando Diaz Azcuy is a master of interior design. And one of his most sophisticated designs is the 6941 square foot penthouse apartment at the Yerba Buena Tower. The maestro himself designed each bathroom in a unique fashion with magnificent accompanying artwork. Complete with pocket sliding doors, a beautiful foyer, stone fireplaces and a fine dining room the tower is opulence defined.


5. Avenue Du President Kennedy: Paris – $49.5 million

You know an apartment is going to cost big bucks when it comes complete with a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. With a royal interior that includes marble statues, the Avenue Du President Kennedy is well worth its asking price. The two stories three bed three bath residence gives off a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Image Source: Instagram/denizinho

6. Presidential Unit: Hong Kong – $66 million

Hong Kong is known for having some of the most costly real estate in the world. And the Presidential Unit holds the title for being the most expensive apartment complex in all of Asia. The sophisticated interior gives off a polished, clean look.


7. Tower One: Dubai – $74.5 million

Dubai is where the rich and famous go to party and spend their money. Each 40,000 square foot luxury apartment in Tower One goes for a high $74.5 million. And among the multiple comforts provided in the building are a temple and cinema.

Image Source: Instagram/dubai_travelers

8. Buckingham Gate: London – $195 million

With a quintessentially British interior Buckingham Gate represents class and opulence. In fact, out of all the apartments on the list, this one might have the best payment plan. You can spend a trial night at the residence and after finalizing your purchase make your payment in 4 installments.

Image Source: Instagram/diana_tran_uk

9. Central Park House: New York – $250 million

New York is renowned for being one of the most expensive places in the world to live. With real estate being just one of those many costs. A stunning view of Central Park and 16 bedrooms will make all your luxury living dreams come true.

Image Source: Instagram/kpslondon

10. Tour Odeon: Monaco – $387 million

The most expensive apartment in the world spreads over 3 floors, taking over the 45th to 49th floors of the Tour Odeon. And the residence even has a water slide joining its dance floors to the rooftop pool.

Image Source: Instagram/mostexpensiveworld