There is no doubt in the fact that nothing can ever beat the experience of traveling in a train. While planes do make you reach the destination in relatively shorter time, trains are still not far behind and have amazing perks unlike any other means of travel. 

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With the invention of technology, we hear about trains reaching for the speed of a bullet every now and then but honestly, the charm of it still lies in the views and comfort that one can have only by traveling on railways. That being said, here are few of the most amazing train rides that one should try if you ever get a chance.

1. Rocky Mountaineer’s First Passage to the West – Canada

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Witness the spellbinding beauty of Southern British Columbia with this ride as the train leaves from the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver for Banff. The real treat starts with waters of Fraser Canyon’s Hell’s Gate and how the tracks lie just beside the Thompson River. You also get a night stay at the lakeside city of Kamloops especially to make travelers see the sun rising from the snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies in the morning.

2. Glacier Express- Switzerland

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It runs in between Switzerland’s most scenic mountain resorts, Zermatt and St Moritz which brings everything that Swiss Alps have to offer right on to your window seat. It’s a long day trip which covers 91 tunnels and 291 bridges. You also get to experience traveling in train at a considerate height of 6706 feet when it runs through the Oberalp Pass. This journey has all sorts of picturesque meadows, mountains, lakes and hamlets.

3. TranzAlpine – New Zealand

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New Zealand has the most astonishing landscapes in the world and to see all of them together, you should definitely hop on to this train which starts from Christchurch, moving through the fertile fields of the Canterbury Plains, Waimakariri River,  mighty Staircase Viaduct and snow-capped mountains of Arthur’s Pass National Park, to end its journey at the well known former gold mining town of Greymouth.

4. West Highland Line, Glasgow to Mallaig – Scotland

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This ride takes passengers to the wild side of Scotland which lies on the Western Coast. It starts off from Glasgow for the wilderness of Rannoch Moor at first and then continues to move around Ben Nevis and touching down in Fort William. While switching its direction to the west, it also passes through Glenfinnan Viaduct (featured in the Harry Potter film series) before reaching the station of Mallaig, which is its final destination.

5. The Ghan – Australia

Image Source: Facebook/ Heritage Railway Magazine

If you ever wish to see how beautiful Australia’s Outback is, then The Ghan offers the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes in pure luxury. It travels from Darwin in the north to Adelaide that makes up a distance of 2000 miles in total and makes it way through the lush, tropical coast of the Northern Territory via the red-hued rocks of the MacDonnell Ranges and onto the fertile plains of South Australia. This trip also makes travelers try other activities outside the train, which include things like a special boat tour of Nitmiluk Gorge and a short trip to the desert town of Alice Springs as well.

6. Trans-Siberian Railway – Russia

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It is one of the world’s longest rail routes that covers up a distance of 5772 miles from the west of Moscow to the Vladivostok in the east. This equals to the entire width of Russia and any passenger would love this eight-day journey which also takes them to the magnificent 3227-foot-long bridge that crosses the River Ob at Novosibirsk (Russia’s third-largest city) and the breathtaking blue waters of Lake Baikal, world’s largest freshwater lake in terms of volume.

7. The Flåm Railway – Norway

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Although usually hour long rides don’t have much to offer but this indeed is an exception with its sceneries. It is Norway’s topmost attraction for the visitors that lets you go on to a trip of Europe’s steepest rail routes, up to 2831 feet from its starting point in the tiny village of Flåm, Sognefjord. The train passes by deep ravines, waterfalls and mountain top station of Myrdal. However, the route of Flåm Railway looks like a winter wonderland especially in the colder months with snow all over the place.

8. Belmond Hiram Bingham – Peru

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Peru’s most romantic views begin with the Belmond Hiram Bingham which is once-in-a-lifetime luxury train journey. Travelers will have to book the tickets from the ancient capital city of Cusco as this journey includes Sacred Valley of the Incas, a stunning vale formed by the winding Urubamba River and the tiny village of Ollantaytambo. But it has one of the most beautiful final destinations in the world you would want your train to stop at – Machu Picchu. Set above in the Anes Mountains, it is also preserved by UNESCO World Heritage Site.