When looking for jobs, millennials keep salary as their no.1 priority, according to the U.S News 2017 Best Paying Jobs for Millennials rankings identifying the most money-spinning jobs that line up with the interests of young millennials. Financial advisor, software developer, and actuary were among the highest paying jobs.

Most of these young people entered the market  determined to take on careers that improve the society as a whole but recent study shows more and more have directed towards jobs that pay their bills, says Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace. “Overall what we’re seeing is young people are trying to work for more stable companies and industries,” he explains. “The economy has absolutely shaped this generation because of the recession and student loan debt,” Schawbel says. “More are saying they want stable jobs and are looking to save money, get out of their parents’ basements and be more financially stable.”

Check out the nine highest-paying jobs below for millennials right now. All job descriptions come from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a US Department of Labor database that gathers detailed information on jobs.


An accountant’s main purpose is to analyze and assess financial information. Accountants work year round for companies and firms, maintaining and preparing a record of companies’ or an individuals’ assets and liabilities, their tax liability etc. thy ensure compliance with reporting standards. To be successful in this field, timeliness and organization play an important part.

Median salary: $67,190

Average salary: $75,280

Unemployment rate: 2.5%


Operation research analyst

This job is one that really exercises your brain and gets it running. It’s for people with the mental capacity of finding new solutions. People who enjoy solving puzzles and/or finding new solutions for problems will generally do better at this job than others and will enjoy it more. It involves the use of math and analytical tools in order to help businesses handle their work better and reach new conclusions to problems that they may be facing. While solving problems practically, they may also conduct surveys or interviews of workers (from the companies you’re supposed to facilitate) to gain a better perception of how their system works in order to help them better. You’ll often find yourself in a position in which you’ll be working with colleagues as part of a team, so having good communication skills is very necessary for a job like this. Good leadership skills also take you a long way as you’ll also have to direct many projects as well.

Median salary: $78,630

Average salary: $84,180

Unemployment rate: 2.6%


Loan officer

Loan officers usually work for mortgage companies, banks, and other finance-related institutions. Loan officers decide whether a loan should be given to people or companies. They carefully collect and analyze information about applicants and determine whether the applicants need that money, how they intend to spend it and whether they will have the means of paying that loan back. Loan officers usually have separate fields that they specialize in such as consumer loan officers, commercial loan officers along with other fields, some of these are individual based and some are company based. Very strong decisive capabilities are required for this job alongside good communications as you have to deal with client staff as well.

Median salary: $63,430

Average salary: $75,170

Unemployment rate: 3.2%

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Radiation Therapist

Being a radiation therapist doesn’t require you to complete medical school. Radiation therapists carry out radiation therapy to patients by providing CT scans and X-rays. They work with doctors and nurses and detect target radiation as well as administer doses. They also maintain files and reports of patients.

Median salary: $80,220

Average salary: $84,460

Unemployment rate: 1.7%


Environmental Engineer

People with science background excel in this field as it requires the principles chemistry, biology and engineering to devise and construct better systems of pollution control, water use, and recycling. Environmental engineers job is mostly desk jobs but they may have opportunities to travel depending on the projects they take on.

Median salary: $84,560

Average salary: $88,040

Unemployment rate: 0.8%


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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers construct and assess tools and machines. To be a mechanical engineer, you need to be good at applying knowledge and creative thinking to solve problems. Other than that, being good at math is important. They also make use of technical skills as using computer systems is also a big part of their jobs.

Median salary: $83,590

Average salary: $88,190

Unemployment rate: 1.6%


Software Developer

Everyone comes into contact with a software every day. Whether it’s an app on your Smartphone or your television sets, softwares have become a big part of our lives. Software engineers are the pioneers of much of the technology you see and use today in the digital world. Developing softwares is a task that requires great knowledge of computer coding and programming. This sort of work can also be done remotely; hence it is very appealing to millennials as it can help maintain a good work-life balance.

Median salary: $98,260

Average salary: $102,160

Unemployment rate: 2%


Computer System Analyst

Computer system analysts use both technical expertise and communicating abilities. This job requires you to have great knowledge of computers as well as great communicative skills as you will find yourself working closely with other professionals in order to learn details of the company and address technological problems. Computer system analysts usually help set up computer systems and teach others how to operate or install them. Computer system analysts often aim courses into fields such as commerce and most of them work directly for different companies as consultants.

Median salary: $85,800

Average salary: $90,180

Unemployment rate: 2.4%