Ernesto Bertarelli (Image Source: instagram/ernestobertarelli)

The number of Swiss billionaires is 99 whose total wealth is $265 billion. They include people like Ernesto Bertarelli the former leader of biotechnology giant Serono. His net worth today is $8.7 billion. In fact, Switzerland attracts people from all over the world to have deposits of millions in their banks owing to its remarkable laws on confidentiality in banking.



Mukesh Ambani: India’s richest man (Image Source: instagram/mukesh_ambaani_)

There are reportedly 104 billionaires who hail from India the richest of them being the chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani with a net worth of $46.6 billion. The total wealth of all the billionaires equals $299 billion.



Richest man of Germany: Georg F. W. Schaeffler (Image Source: twitter/Reifenpresse)

Germany stands number 3 in the competition for most billionaires in the world with 152 billionaires whose total wealth is $466 billion. These billionaires include German businessmen like Georg F. W. Schaeffler whose net worth is $29.1 billion.



The richest man in China: Ma Huateng (Image Source: instagram/piratechampions)

China has the second most billionaires in the world who amount to 338 and their total wealth adds up to a heavy figure of $1.1 trillion. The richest person in China Ma Huateng has a net worth of $39 billion.


United States of America

Jeff Bezos: The richest man in the world with a net worth of $162 billion (Image Source: instagram/jeffbezos)

The United States of America beats the rest with a total number of 680 billionaires. These rich Americans have a total wealth of $3.2 trillion. That’s more than the wealth of billionaires of India, Germany, and China combined. The second richest man in the USA, Bill Gates, has a net worth of $97.4 billion. The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, belongs to the United States as well with a net worth of $162 billion. That’s $60 billion more than the world’s second richest man’s net worth.