For the world, Fidel Castro has always been a modest man who spent his entire life in serving his people. His dedication was always presented in a way that he even claimed to have made only 900 pesos ($43) a month for his personal expenditure and made a fisherman’s hut his shelter on a beach.

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This was all going well until Castro’s own longtime bodyguard, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez came out with a book to speak about the truth of his boss, Fidel Castro. Sanchez’s book, “The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Líder Maximo,” has revealed some of the most shocking facts about Fidel which indicates that he was, in fact, the most greedy and dishonest person.

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In an attempt to increase his personal wealth, Castro was involved in drug trafficking, used women for decades, and never hesitated to put his own people into trouble, Sanchez’s book reveals.

Most of the Cubans still have no idea about how his marriages were also kept a secret as both of these wives were out of the public eye.

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Castro first married the upper-middle-class Mirta Diaz-Balart, Natalia Revuelta. Their affair started in the mid-50s and Fidel fell for her green eyes, perfect face and natural charm. But not long had passed when he cheated on her with Celia Sanchez, his private secretary, confidante and guard dog for 30 or so years. Although he had a son, Fidel Jr. or “Fidelito,” and daughter, Alina from his first marriage.

This didn’t stop here as well when he cheated again with his French interpreter and even the Cuban airline stewardess who attended him on foreign trips. He was mostly involved in affairs with women despite being married.

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Castro had his control over 20 luxurious properties that were spread across the entire Caribbean. This included his own island, which he used to visit via yacht, whose interior was decorated with wood imported from Angola.

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After he took over Cuba from the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista on New Year’s Day 1959, Castro promised to share the nation’s wealth with its poorest citizens and for that purpose he even built free schools and hospitals with the help of his Soviet sponsors — but unfortunately it was all a part of Castro’s hypocrisy. His nation kept struggling with extreme poverty issues and political opponents.

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The only person who did bring so many troubles for Fidel was his daughter Alina Fernandez Revuelta, who was a model and flew out of the country against the will of his father.

“I remember her in the 1980s, a pretty young woman who had become a model,” Sanchez wrote.

“One day, when I was in Fidel’s anteroom, Pepín Naranjo, his aide-de-camp, showed up with a copy of the magazine Cuba.

“Spread across its second page, Alina could be admired posing on a sailboat in a bikini, in an advertisement for Havana Club rum.”


When Fidel got to know about it, he was all furious and shouted at her daughter after calling her to his office.


“Two hours later, Alina strode into his office, not in the least ­intimidated,” Sanchez recalled.

“The ensuing argument was the most memorable of them all: Shouting reverberated all over the room, shaking the walls of the presidential office.”

“Everybody knows you are my daughter! Posing in a bikini like that is unseemly!” Castro raged.

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While this was not it, Fidel’s daughter also wanted to move to the United States for pursuing her career and as soon as Fidel got to know about it through its secret service, he ordered his bodyguards to have a keen eye on Alina.

But as smart as her father, Alina changed her identity with a wig, false Spanish passport, and, by partnering up with a network of international accomplices, sneaked out of Cuba.

Fidel exploded like never before which was a rare sight for his army.

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“One rarely sees the Comandante allowing his anger to explode,” Sanchez wrote.

“In 17 years, I saw it only twice. But when Pepín broke the unpleasant news to him that day, Fidel went mad with rage.

“Standing up, he stamped his feet on the ground while pointing his two index fingers down to his toes and waving them around.”

“What a band of incompetent fools!” he cried. “I want those responsible! I demand a report! I want to know how all this could have happened!”

After moving out of Cuba, Alina had always remained very outspoken about her father as she believed that he was more of a tyrant rather than a dictator.

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Castro’s second wife and widow, Dalia Soto del Valle, had five sons and the family lived on a luxury state outside Havana.

“With its orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and banana trees, the estate resembled a veritable garden of Eden — especially if one compared it with the notorious ration book that all Cubans had to use to buy food,” Sanchez wrote.

Every member of the family had their own cows according to their taste and freshness preference. It was obvious to his closed ones that Fidel was disloyal on a professional and personal level, both.

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Still in the late 80s, when the scandal of Colombian cocaine traffickers got hype, Castro dealt with it like a real Godfather. He used his power to save the wealth and kill the ones who once helped him in the operations, including revolutionary Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa, who had fought alongside Fidel and Raul Castro.


His cruelty as a dictator remained inside Cuba for as long as he was alive but the truth never really reached out to the general public before the book released.