From political unrest to struggling economy, regardless of the reason, Russia always seems to be the center of news around the globe. Their fierce leader is one of the most feared in the world and the country is constantly under turmoil in one way or another. But there is a group of people who remain unaffected by all these things.

While on hand the people in Russia are struggling, the rich keep getting richer. After the revolution, there were many individuals who privatized industries and maintain their millionaire/billionaire status until today. But when they work, someone else reaps the benefits. Yes, their offsprings.

Kids in Russia who have access to wealthy bank accounts purchase luxury items like expensive penthouses, sportscars, expensive accessories and the list goes on. They do not just flaunt their wealth on the streets of Moscow through. Now that everyone uses social media as a means to kill their time, they’re bombarded with envy because the rich kids just love to flaunt their goods. There are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts and what not solely dedicated to these individuals showing off their wealth.

Here is a sneak peek into the lives of rich Russian kids, in pictures.

All of us wish for a car as a birthday present, well these kids go a step beyond.

Their penthouses include extravagant interior and breathtaking views. Take a look for yourself.

Staying on the topic of accommodation. Some prefer penthouses, while others opt for something like this. A castle.

Their wine alone costs more than the income of a middle-class household in Russia.

Every accessory they own is either branded or simply made of gold.

They parade the streets in their exotics cars to flaunt whenever they get the chance.

Why wear one diamond encrusted watch when you have two arms?

Imagine being that young and owning your very own AMG and a yacht.

Getting around the country, or in fact, the world isn’t a problem for them. 24-hour private jet service.

They wear the most exclusive clothes and shop from the most expensive brands.

Being that rich can also get you a meet and greet with one of the most powerful men alive.

And when they don’t want to indulge in midday traffic, they simply take a helicopter ride.

Even their exotic pets have a better life than most of the world’s population.

Surprisingly, this picture contains items worth millions of dollars alone.

You know whats better than one BMW i8? Two BMW i8s.