Today, Microsoft stands as a tech giant that is continuously expanding its services to various industries and with the way they are progressing, it seems like there won’t be any competition or end to its success in years to come. But nearly a decade ago, things were completely different as the company was on the verge of decline.

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We all know Satya Nadella played a major role in reshaping Microsoft’s reputation with his wise and bold moves but is he really the hero? Well, the history of Microsoft’s rebirth has a different opinion.

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Bill Gates ruled over Microsoft’s kingdom for good 25 years. It was under his guidance that Microsoft dominated in the operating system market. All was going smooth for the company till he announced his retirement in 2000 and made an interesting decision of choosing Steve Ballmer as the next CEO. This was done to make sure that the kind of technology Microsoft had at that time should reach out to more people and benefit the company financially.

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Steve, being the 30th employee in the company, was an expert in fields like Business Management and Sales. Once he took up the responsibility, Steve himself reorganized the leadership by involving more business people instead of Tech geeks. His vision was based on the fact that Microsoft should not spend a ridiculous amount of money on new technology without any assurance of how it will benefit the company in PC market.

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During his tenure, Steve saw that Windows worked more than the expectations and therefore he tried to promote it as much as possible. But that also encouraged him to make the biggest blunder in the history of Microsoft by bringing windows to phones. Although this was in line with Bill Gates own success theory but they just entered into the smartphone industry too late and the competition was already sky high which Microsoft couldn’t handle.

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The revenue they were generating was good but it couldn’t compensate for the loss that Microsoft faced because of windows phone. It eventually affected the stock value of Microsoft as it kept on declining after every while and the company, together with Steve Ballmer, was struggling with a lot of criticism and competition in the PC world.

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Ballmer stepped down from his position in 2014 which brought the first good news for Microsoft in a long while as the share price saw a 7% hike and that gave way to Satya Nadella, who brought the company back to where it belonged.

Surprisingly, Satya was chosen by Steve Ballmer himself for this responsibility as according to him the Enterprise Division at Microsoft was the only way to move forward for Microsoft in near future and Satya had already worked in it as the Executive Vice President.

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Just the way Steve Ballmer predicted, cloud computing became a rage after Amazon Web Service. It pushed Microsoft to expand its horizon and make an impact in enterprise business and as they already had Satya Nadella on board to lead, a well-built system was all that the company needed.

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Microsoft was already bringing profits through its enterprise services for 6 years prior to Steve resignation. On the other hand, nobody even knew who Satya Nadella was before his appointment as the CEO. But, suddenly when Nadella introduced Microsoft Azure to the world, everyone started giving credit to him for pulling off a miracle.

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When Satya took over, Microsoft was struggling with a bad reputation despite still being extremely profitable. The world wanted more open source development opportunities and considering that Nadella changed the entire philosophy of Microsoft. In his first speech, he chose to announce the expansion of Microsoft Office to iOS and Android, a move that was well received. In an interconnected world, Nadella made the smart choice of having friends to improve Microsoft’s reputation.

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All of what Satya Nadella owns today was due to the groundwork of Steve Ballmer. While he couldn’t achieve the economic goals, yet his role stands as the most significant one just like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer himself as each of them has done well in their roles.