Unlike the constitutional monarchs of England, Queen Elizabeth’s clan, the royals of Saudi Arabia have been ruling since the 18th century. The monarchs of Saudi Arabia are known as the House of Saud. 

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Reportedly, Saudis belonged to tribe Anza who were inhabited in Njad around 1450 AD. Nowadays, King Salman is in power with around 30000 heirs. Family’s net worth is said to be around $1.4 trillion. The royal family lives an extravagant life, they spend billions of dollars on real estate, private jets, luxurious palaces, and super expensive yachts.

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The question normally arises, who feeds the 30000 members of the royal family? Well, vast reservoirs of petroleum during Ibn Saud’s reign were discovered, which now funds for the extravagant lives of princes and princess’ of family. From exclusive holiday spots to a lavish collection of cars, Saudi royals know how to spend. The princely heir which includes King Ibn Saud’s grandsons and great-grandsons possess French chateaus, Swiss bank accounts and some of the world’s largest resorts.

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The present king and ruler of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, was appointed King after the demise of his half-brother King Abdullah. He served as a Deputy Governor of Riyadh and minister of defense previously. King beholds an outrageous amount of net-worth which was estimated to be around $17 billion.



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Back in 1953, King Saud preceded the legendary King Abdul Aziz, who was known for his honesty and integrity. King Saud, the eldest son of King Abdul Aziz, followed the footsteps of his father, creating the Council of Ministers and establishing the Ministries of Health, Education and Commerce. Present King is said to be one of the “Magnificent Seven”, the seven sons of Ibn Saud’s favorite and tenth wife Hassa al Sudairi. The lineage has expanded over exponential rates since then.



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