A time comes in life when people feel as if it’s the end of the world for them. There can be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of such feelings. The experiences they have had in the past might have had led them to lose hope in themselves. At that point, the struggle they do to get back on their feet doesn’t seem to work at all. As a result, people start blaming either themselves or the rest of the world and start hating them for their present.

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There can be multiple reasons why people hate themselves. For now, let us examine 10 most common reasons which ten to cause such negative feelings.

They aim for unreal targets

It is important to be realistic in life. Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you set unreal goals in your life. This behavior can prove to be disastrous. When people set unreal goals, they fail to achieve them. This causes them to hate themselves for their actions. As a result, people lose hope and stop pursuing the goals which can be achieved.

They are unhappy with their body shape

Everyone in today’s world makes an effort to look good. People do all sorts of workout and follow specific diet plans to look slim. This beauty standard is adored and admired by the people who surround them. On the other hand, people who are fat or are not appreciated due to their body shape tend to get depressed. They become uncomfortable when they are among a group of people. Therefore, they start hating themselves.

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They generalize the rejections

Success and failure are both parts of life. Failure in the form of rejection is a common thing and can be harmful if taken the wrong way. At times when people have faced rejection in their personal and professional lives, they accept it as a permanent thing.  They start generalizing the rejections they have faced and start to hate themselves.

They feel unappreciated

It’s in human nature to expect appreciation. People try their level best to work hard and in return require appreciation. When the response is otherwise, they feel down and consider themselves unworthy of appreciation.

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They stay attached to regrets

Making mistakes is a part of human nature. Every one of us has made mistakes and bad decisions in the past. But, the people who keep on regretting their mistakes end up hating themselves. It’s impossible to undo the past, so it’s better that we learn from our mistakes and stop regretting the ones we made.

They lose trust in themselves

When people achieve a series of success, they start believing in themselves. On the other hand, constant rejections and failure result in losing hope in themselves. They stop believing in what they are capable of doing.

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They hesitate to ask for help

People who start hating themselves hesitate to talk to others and discuss their problems. They would be afraid that they would be misunderstood and as a result, they live their lives in fear. This causes them to get depressed and become mentally ill.

More negative experiences and less positive experiences

When people encounter more negative results in their lives as compared to positive ones, their mind starts ignoring the good ones. They start believing that they are destined to face negativity in their life. After a short while, it’s impossible for them to let go of this feeling.

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They feel inadequate

The feeling of inadequacy causes mental stress and, in extreme cases, depression. What they wanted to be in relation to what they have become is the sort of comparison which prevents people from moving on in their lives. Their unsatisfaction with their choices makes them lose trust in themselves and as a result, they start hating themselves.

They have relinquished power over themselves

When people start hating themselves, they become vulnerable. They give up their decisive power and leave it to the others. They let the others decide when they have to be happy and when not. This is a harmful behavior which causes them to lose their identity.

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