A dream is a natural phenomenon which occurs when we are asleep. There are all sorts of theories associated with dreams. Some say it has a connection with the things we do or think while we are awake. On the other hand, there is a school of thought which says that dreams have no meaning in our real lives.

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is for sure: we all have dreams during our sleep. There are two kinds of dreams, good ones, and the bad ones. Surprisingly, there are some dreams which are common and a lot of people have them all over the world. Let us take a look at 14 such dreams which are really common and see what they mean.

1. Sex

Dreaming about sex is really common. You dream about sex when you have a desire to have sex in your life. It can also occur because of the strong and intimate relationship with your partner or just fantasy.

2. Houses

A dream about a house is a representation of your mind. The rooms and floors of the house present the level of consciousness. The neglected feelings are represented by the basement which has been ignored and kept in the dark.

3. Food

When a person dreams about food or food-related products, it can have several meanings. It can be a symbol of knowledge, energy, spirituality, emotions or simply hunger.

4. Babies


Dream about babies can mean the start of something new. It can be a start of new business, a job or simply one wants to have a baby. Whatever it means, all possibilities point towards one thing, beginning of something new.

5. Nudity

Nudity in a dream is a sign of emotional vulnerability in one’s life. It shows that they are ready to accept their fate and present themselves without resistance. It can also mean that the dreamers are trying to uncover the hidden things in their lives.

6. Falling

There are two theories available for falling dreams. One theory says that it can mean that something really bad is about to happen if you fall fast from a high spot or things are out of control. The second theory says that slow falling is a sign of smoothness and peace in your life.

7. Flying

Dream about flying represents the amount of authority and control we have on the things happening in our lives. Flying really high is a good and positive sign and low flying means that the person is making an effort to succeed but to no avail.

8. Death

Normally, people would consider a death dream something negative which can be true. However, there is another side to this dream which portrays the end of a phase or struggle in your life and beginning of something new. Dreaming about death does not mean that you are going to die in real life.

9. Paralysis

It is a well-known fact that the human body remains in the state of paralysis while dreaming. This prevents the body from doing things from the dream. Normally, the paralysis occurs when REM stage and waking up stage overlap.

10. School or classroom

Dream about school or classroom means that the person is going through a test in his life and they are not ready for it. Dreams like such are common among people who had quit school at an early age.

11. People

When you see a specific person in your dream it means that you miss them. Furthermore, people in your dreams points towards various aspects of your life. It also points towards the development of a specific characteristic which you lack.

12. Vehicles

Dream about vehicles, such as a car, train,  or airplane, tell us the which direction our life is going with respect to our own direction. The size of the vehicle shows the amount of control we have over our lives. It can also mean that these vehicles are the help we need to achieve the goals in our lives.

13. Water

Water is a clear sign towards the state of mind. In case of wavy water, the mind is thought to be shady and upset. On the other hand, calm and stable water means peaceful and relaxed mind.

14. Being chased

We dream about being chased because of the anxiety and when we are trying to escape from things in our life. The dream represents us hiding from things rather than being chased. It is a clear sign that we should face it bravely and take the bull by the horn.