9. Browser Stack

Image Source: Facebook/ Browser Stack

A cloud web and mobile testing platform that lets developers test their websites and applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real mobile devices, without forcing users to install or maintain an internal lab of virtual machines, devices or emulators.


10. SigTuple

Image Source: Facebook/ SigTuple

The company has introduced intelligent screening solutions to help and diagnose through AI-powered analysis of visual medical data.


11. Exadatum

Image Source: Facebook/ Exadatum

To simplify the adoption of big data, Exadatum provides software services to various businesses. You can get into the depth of analytics and improve efficiency.  


12. Republic World

Image Source: Facebook/ Republic

An online news magazine and channel that claims to be independent and global. Its counter-narrative approach towards current affairs is loved by masses across the country since its launch.


13. The Minimalist

Child Education

Instead of holding a school bag, some unfortunate children are forced to beg. This idea has been given by Pascal, one of our followers who attended one of our workshops. Do send in your ideas and get featured on our page 🙂

Posted by The Minimalist on Friday, September 28, 2018

Keeping things simple, elegant and yet extremely attractive is this much-hyped digital design firm which is loved by brands too.


14. Innov8

Image Source: Facebook/ Innov8 Coworking

Co-working spaces are the new trend and Innov8 has become a giant in providing it all across India. Create and grow your business in a beautifully crafted workplace.  


15. Schbang

Image Source: Facebook/ Schbang

If you are looking for a complete 360 digital solution to brand your business or products online, then they have got amazing ways to hit your desired targets.


16. Acko

Image Source: Facebook/ Acko General Insurance

Another General Insurance company option but with a twist. Their killer prices, extreme convenience, and stress-free claims are something to look out for.


17. Treebo Hotels

Image Source: Facebook/ Treebo Hotels

A network of budgeted hotels spread across India that operates on the franchise system. Its friendly hospitality services are available in around 80 cities of the country.