Have you ever imagined that your favorite celebrity may have royal blood running through them, that they may be descendants of some long-forgotten king or a queen of many centuries back?

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What comes to your mind when you think of royalty and of royal people? Beautiful dresses, bejeweled crowns, glossy looks, huge castles, fantastic everything – that is what we all think of royalties. All the decorum and officialism surrounding them make them appear very different and distant from the public. They are associated with giving orders and with being obeyed. It just doesn’t seem possible to think of them as a normal human being, living a normal life.

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But not all royalties wear crowns and live in a castle. Especially the celebrities we are going to talk about here. They act, they sing, they write, they walk the ramp, they rule their own fields of talent.

Let us have a look at 19 such stars who appear in royal bloodlines at some point and somehow – either by being born in the royal household or being married to a person of royal breeding. We bet you don’t know about most of them being descendants of such great families.

1- Hilary Duff

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She was listed as “America’s most royal” celebrity in a study done by a website, FindMyPast. Her direct ancestor is Edward III, making her 18th cousin of the Queen. She is descendant of Alexander Spotswood who served in the British army and was 10th great, grandson of Edward III.

2- Diane von Furstenberg

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Belgian-American fashion designer and the author was married to German Prince Egon von Furstenberg. They married in 1969 and were divorced in 1983, but Diane uses his family name as her official name and her brand DVF is based on the same too. She has two children with Prince too, Princess Tatiana and Prince Alexander. Princess Tatiana is also a film and songwriter, singer, director, and a philanthropist.

3- Grace Kelly

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This American actress became Princess Consort of Monaco when she married Prince of Monaco, Rainier III, in 1956. The Prince belonged to the house of Grimaldi. They had three children: Princess of Hanover, Caroline; Prince of Monaco, Albert II, and Princess Stephanie. Their wedding was called  ‘the wedding of the century.’

4- Michael Douglas

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Over 70 years of age, Oscar-winning actor is descendant of King Edward III, this makes him the 19th cousin of Queen Elizabeth, once removed.

5- Barack Obama

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Being the ex-President of United States Of America, Barack Obama met the members of British royal family a lot many times and it was supposed that the ties among the Obamas and the British monarchy are very congenial. It is that he is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth too. He is a 15th cousin of the Queen, twice removed. He is also, supposedly, descendant of King John of England.

6- Uma Thurman

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47-years old, American actress is descendant of Edward I, known as the Hammer of Scots, reigning from 1272 to 1307. She is a 21st cousin of Queen Elizabeth, once removed.

7- Richard Gere

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22nd cousin of Queen Elizabeth, twice removed, Richard Gere is one of the finest actors of Hollywood. His ancestors include John Talbot and Edward I.

8- Ralph Fiennes

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Be it Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, “M” in James Bond films or Count Laszlo in the English Patient, Ralph Fiennes gets completely engrossed in his character. He is from the bloodline of James II of Scotland.

9- Ellen DeGeneres

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Now, this American comedian, actress, activist, the writer has some strong ties with monarchs. She is a 15th cousin of Princess Katherine and 19th cousin of the Queen herself, twice removed. She is descendant of King Edward III.

10- Johnny Depp

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What sort of role can Johnny Depp not do? He is one of the greatest actors. This versatile actor is 20thcousin of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. He is also related to the Deppes, French Huguenots.

11- Paris Hilton

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She may be an heiress of the Hilton hotel legacy, which was founded by her great-grandfather, but she is also related to Queen Elizabeth. This socialite, who appears to be living a lifestyle no less royal than the Royals themselves, she is 20th cousin of Queen. Their shared ancestor is Henry II.

12- Brad Pitt

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54-year old, award-winning American actor and producer, Brad Pitt is Queen’s 25th cousin and is descendant of King Henry II.

13- Beyonce

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Having fifth highest numbers of followers on Instagram, Beyonce is a queen of her kingdom of fans. She is also an actual relative of the Queen of the British monarchy. Sharing the ancestry of King Henry II, she is the 25th cousin of Her Majesty, twice removed, making her baby Blue Ivy 23rd cousin of Prince George, twice removed.

14- George Bush

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Ex-President of United States of America, George Bush is the 11th cousin, twice removed of Lady Diana, the people’s Princess.

A trivia fact: Bush family is also believed to be related to Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe.

15- Angelina Jolie

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No, we didn’t add her to this group because of the royal lineage of her ex-spouse, Brad Pitt. She is as royal as it gets. She is descendant of Duchess of Brabant, Marie, daughter of King Philip II of France. She is the 26th cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

16- Tom Hanks

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The king of Hollywood, our favorite Professor Robert Langdon, is from the lineage of King John of England. He is the 24th cousin of Queen. He is not only an actor but also a director. He has a book of short stories published too.

17- Justin Bieber

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Behold, fellows, teenage sensation, Justin Bieber is the 9th cousin of Queen Elizabeth, thrice removed. He is also a distant relative of Camilla Parker, the second wife of Prince Charles. He is related to Celine Dion who is descendant of King Phillipe II of France.

18- Celine Dion

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This soulful Canadian singer is a relative of Camilla Parker. She also has the blood of French King Phillipe II in her veins.

Trivia Fact: Celine Dion, Camila Parker, and Madonna are all distantly related to each other.

19- Robert Pattinson

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Imagine Edward Cullen, the vampire, being related to Count Dracula? Well, coincidence it may be, but Robert Pattinson is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the character of Dracula. Pattinson is also supposedly a distant cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry.