Brazilian artist, Crislane Passos, came up with this interesting idea of creating a comic series based on an imaginary couple in a long-term relationship. Although the comics seem as real as they get, its a work of fiction.

The inspiration for Passos behind creating this series was his novel. While writing the novel, the artist came up with the couple and fell in love with it. Even after he finished writing the book, he couldn’t let go of the characters so dear to him. So, he started a series of illustrations that he regularly posts on Instagram. For him, the characters depict “a couple hopelessly in love with each other.” And so does his illustrations show. The chemistry of the couple, despite their obvious differences, makes it all more interesting. The characters of this series are Max, the goofy handsome guy, and Julia, who is tough but equally sweet. They are, what seem to be ‘average people’, but it’s their bond together which makes them all more special. They also own a cute little dog, who makes the comics all more fun.

Take a look below at this compiled list of illustrations by the amazing artist.


The first one might be the most relatable. Everyone’s who is or has ever been in a long-term relationship would be familiar with the art of “face painting.” Ever went to sleep and woke with signs and words painted all over your face? If so, then you have been a victim of acute love syndrome.


A couple who exercise together…well, I can’t think of anything that rhymes with it. But, exercising is a lot of more fun when you have a special someone to do it with. It gets even more exciting when they can’t get off your back…quite literally.


Sharing is caring…but only a bite. Can’t blame the guy though, pizza is just irresistible.