So, you think a schoolboy can’t achieve anything big? Well, then it’s time for a big surprise as a science enthusiast from Memphis has built a working nuclear reactor at his home, all by himself. With that, he has become the youngest person in the world to achieve such a remarkable feat.

Image Source: Facebook/ Lifeboat Foundation
14-year-old, Jackson Oswal has done what most other boys of his age can’t even imagine. In fact, back in my time, all I knew was how to do prescribed experiments with a bunsen burner in a science class.

Image Source: Facebook/ Memphis University School

Jackson was always curious to know more about the abilities of nuclear energy. He used to search about it on the internet, which later gave him the idea to build this reactor using various pieces of equipment from eBay, including customized vacuums, pumps and chambers.

Image Source: Facebook/ Sekairos

Of course, there is no book out there in the market on ‘How To Build A Nuclear Reactor For Dummies’ as of yet, he, therefore, started off learning more about nuclear reactors online.

While getting into the process of making such a reactor, Jackson decided to gather as much information as he could from all around him and his biggest inspiration was the Open Source Fusor Research Consortium, an online forum for amateur physicists. He used to consult the site for every step just to ensure that he was taking the right steps.

Image Source: Facebook/ Apjet, Inc

“I started searching for [nuclear] things on the internet, because that’s what interests me.

The start of the process was just learning about what other people had done with their fusion reactors.

After that, I assembled a list of parts I needed. [I] got those parts off eBay primarily and then often times the parts that I managed to scrounge off of eBay weren’t exactly what I needed.

So, I’d have to modify them to be able to do what I needed to do for my project.”

Image Source: Facebook/ Donnie Boston

A continuous hard work of one and a half year led Jackson to this unbelievable creation before his 13th birthday (January 19, 2018)

Image Source: Facebook/ Ufo-Spain Magazine
Jackson’s parents, on the other hand, were never pretty much sure about their son’s project but his father Chris was also kind enough to finance him with a whopping amount of $10,000 (£7,700).  Moreover, for extra safety precautions, he even made the 12-year-old speak to various experts and discuss his project. But later, with the kind of feedback his son was receiving from the science community, the proud father shared his feelings


“Being a parent of someone that was as driven as he was for 12 months was really impressive to see.

I mean it was everyday grinding; everyday learning something different; everyday failing and watching him work through all those things.”

Image Source: Facebook/ UNILOD

Jackson’s project, in the end, was verified by Richard Hull, a verifier with the research consortium and an administrator for its website

With the kind of brain, this boy has, we really wish to see more of amazing stuff coming from him in near future!