In today’s era, there is so much obsession with noses. Nose jobs have become so common that young girls are getting them done for their high school proms and other events. Whether you agree with it or not, the world has always given looks, the utmost importance. Most individuals build their first impression of someone based on their looks. And the nose plays a significant part in your facial features. Thus, some even have preferences of a certain kind of nose.

But what if I told you, that the shape of your nose could actually indicate what your personality is like? Here is what the shape of your nose says about you:

1. Nubian Nose

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This is a nose which has a bridge that goes straight down and then hangs limp. It consequently, diverts one’s attention to the person’s lips. People with the Nubian nose have the three Cs in their personality; charisma, creativity, and curiosity. They are also very positive about life. What makes their personality so distinct is the fact that they are humble. You will notice that people with the Nubian nose are very down to earth and will give you utmost respect.

2. The Greek Nose

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The Greek nose gets its name from the historic Greek sculptures. It is long and pointed with narrow nostrils on the sides. People with this kind of nose have a very blunt personality. They focus on their goals and work hard to achieve them.

Their personalities are extremely rigid. Therefore, they are great secret keepers. No matter how much you try to persuade them. they would never spill. That’s why it’s good to have a friend with a Greek nose. They’ll always have your back.

3. Hook Nose

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Much similar to the likes of a bird’s beak, a hook nose bends downwards in a short loop. People with a hook nose usually have a bold character. They are never afraid of speaking their mind and they usually question the norm. When in a disagreement, they go to any lengths to prove themselves right.

But they are also very generous and self-sacrificing. To provide for you, they would sleep on an empty stomach if they had to. They are also thoughtful and wise.

4. The Arched Nose

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Just like the Hook Nose, this one also bends from the bridge. Except, it doesn’t loop as much. The arched nose is a sign that a person loves to be on top of things. Their organization skills are commendable, and they are more than often neat-freaks. They are extremely pro-active, and always running high on productivity.

When it comes to relationships, they give utmost importance to the people who have stuck with them in their bad times. They always think of ways to give back. But if you ever do them wrong, consider yourself erased from their life. They are ruthless after you break their trust.

5. Button Nose

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The short and round nose is probably one of the most common and wanted noses. It is widely considered to be the cutest of noses. A button nose shows a strong-willed personality. Anyone with a nose like this harbors a lot of determination to get what they want.

They are also impulsive, and always on their toes. If something exciting ever happens, they are the first people to react. They are always up for an adventure and are willing to take big risks.

6. The Straight Nose

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This is an ideal nose, with a straight bridge and a flat end. People with the straight nose are usually very collected. They never act on impulse and always make room for the benefit of the doubt. They are also very observant and love studying others. Hence, they usually understand where a person is coming from and empathize with them.

But the only time that they lose their composure is when you offend or hurt their beloved. This is when they forget all of their inhibitions only to defend.

7. The Concave Nose

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The concave nose has a tiny arch on its bridge and an end that points slightly upwards. People with this nose are extremely emotional and give high importance to their sentiments. You could easily offend them because they take everything very seriously. Although, not always do they express their disappointment.

They are also very kind and generous people. Because of the fact that they feel pain so deeply, they are always ready to help.

8. The Crooked Nose

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The crooked nose has a bridge that juts out in the middle, with a round end and narrow nostrils. It indicates a straightforward personality. They take their time in making their mind about something. They love examining things and going deep in whatever they set their minds on.

They are also very patient and good listeners. They will never point fingers or blame someone else. They would rather apologize, settle things and move on. That’s why they are great friends or partners.