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Born in Post falls Idaho, Wayne Andrew Reilly is a renowned marketer and manager of celebrities social media accounts. A formidable marketeer and marketing guru, he has taken the digital marketing space by storm. However, life wasn’t always a fast-paced road to success for Reilly; there was a time in his life when he was unable to attend college due to lack of finances. However, he turned things around and paved his own path towards his successful career.

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Coming from a rather troubled family background, Reilly was an introverted individual who grew around an alcoholic father. However, he always had a flare that was just missing that spark; which lit up around the time he began making vines.

The 15 years old Reilly received millions of views but didn’t earn a dollar. His parents parted ways when he was 18 years old – this was when Reilly decided to stand on his own two feet and started generating income for himself.

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The previously introverted Reilly now took the social media by force and initiated various social media challenges such as the #dontjudgeme challenge – they went viral and gained him a lot of fan following. He tried to expand his ventures by initiating paid brand promotions which did not generate enough money, so he decided to take it up a notch and went to Los Angeles.

He started making videos with a Reilly flare to it; he made videos for big stores like Reptile Shop and Prehistoric and made them a huge social media sensation. Reilly was now on the road to success and happened to have met celebrities Andy Milonakis and Jordy Highroller who ended up entrusting him with their social media accounts.

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That became the turning point for him and his career as it seemed to be that he was impeccable at this job. More people saw his potential and so he was contacted by various celebrities who were interested in hiring him; Reilly ended up managing various social media pages and managed a total audience of 109 million people.

The response he got from celebrities and people all around, made him realize he can tap into the digital marketing and advertising space since he had a knack for understanding the media and peoples trends. He then established 5th Wonder Entertainment and entered the professional digital marketing advertisement space; he is now responsible for handling big digital media brands. With an extensive list of credits behind him and no help but his own vision, and determination, Reilly has now become an internet marketing Guru, enlightening people with his expertise.

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So what’s next for Reilly? He is a 22 years old self-made millionaire who loves to travel and explore the world. However his journey has not yet ended – it has just begun; Reilly is now laying the groundwork for his own E-commerce store which he shall launch soon.

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