A lot of people spend millions of dollars on high-end luxury cars. It’s understandable. Driving fast cars gives them a thrill and makes them feel alive. But, sometimes safety outweighs fun. A lot of expensive cars can be really unsafe, especially in city traffic.

Here are the top 10 expensive cars that should be banned from the streets.

1. Apollo Arrow

This sleek and stylish car was designed for legal racing. The body is specifically designed to increase aerodynamic stability at high speeds. With an engine that performs at 1000 horsepower, this car is any racer’s dream. But while the Apollo Arrow can reach up to 325 km per hour but it shouldn’t be driven at more than 200 miles per hour. And that’s not accounting for traffic and other factors that lead to accidents.

Image Source: Instagram/apollo_automobil

2. Bentley Bentayga

Bentley puts out newer sleeker models every year to keep people interested in their collection. And the Bentley Bentayga was particularly popular with young people. Worth $200,000 it certainly isn’t a cheap buy. But the W12 engine can increase speeds to 100 km per hour in under 4 seconds. This may sound fascinating but it can be pretty dangerous. Especially if other vehicles can’t predict how quickly this car can increase the speed with a reckless driver.

Image Source: Instagram/blackcardshopping

3. McLaren PG GTR

There are only 40 of these luxury vehicles available in the world today. And each is worth over $3 million. But there’s a reason for that high price tag. This vehicle comes designed with advanced engine cooling and an aerodynamic control system suitable for any racing car. That’s all well and good. But this car has clearly been designed for racing tracks and not regular streets. Allowing this highly automated race car on the same streets as regular vehicles is a health risk.

Image Source: Instagram/crazy__whips

4. Mosler Raptor

With a price upwards of $700,000, the Mosler Raptor was specifically designed to be the lightest and the fastest vehicle. When a car has been specifically designed to reach high speeds of 120 km per hour in less than 3 seconds it isn’t unreasonable to say that it might be unsafe for city traffic. It’s highly functioning cooling vents and a streamlined body has even given it the shape of a go-kart sports car.

Image Source: Instagram/knutemotorsport

5. GDT Speedster

Designed by automobile artists the GDT Speedster looks surprisingly like a toy car. This shape means that even though it costs $350,000 the money required for maintenance and upkeep of this sleek car is expensive. Spare parts are hard to come by.

Image Source: Pinterest