Although Mcdonald’s is known to be one of the most successful fast food chain brands in the world, yet this status was achieved with a lot of failures just like any other company. More often than not we see new items on McDonald’s menu only to know that they are taken off later. This happens because either the product was introduced for a specific season, promotion or it was not liked by the customers at all. Many such items bring in a good amount of money in their short span but there were items in the history of Mcdonald’s that turned out to be a huge flop for them around the world.

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Going into the details of these items will not only make you think about Mcdonald’s combinations but some items might also surprise you as they might be the ones you would have loved to try.

10. McGratin Croquette

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With their Filet-o-Fish being a hit and miss in different parts of the world, Mcdonald’s again came out with a similar cold fish stick with deep fried Macaroni, shrimp, and mashed potatoes. Along with the mysterious brown sauce, this burger was introduced in Japanese market for the first time as the company thought it is according to their taste. But it turned out to be a disaster despite of dedicated marketing campaigns.

9. Mighty Wings

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To be precise, there was nothing wrong with the Mighty Wings except for the fact that it preferred to compete with hundreds of fried chicken options. Consumers just didn’t want to come to Mcdonald’s for the wings. The sales were so bad that not only the price dropped from $1 per wing to 60 cents but they also had to face a lot of trouble in selling the 10 million surplus wings which got stuck in stock.

8. Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich

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Back in the late 70s, when America was experiencing a revolution in terms of companies introducing new products, Mcdonald’s also chipped in with their Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich. It became an instant hit initially but since the price of it was out the reach for an average consumer,  $1.29 as compared to 40 cent’s burger, it just made the sandwich more hard to swallow. Even a free dessert along couldn’t save the sandwich.

7. McHotDog

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Everyone would probably love a hot dog as summer barbecue but that wasn’t the case with Mcdonald’s co-founder, Ray Kroc. He never wanted to include hot dogs on Mcdonald’s menu as he considered them unhygienic. But after his death, they did come out with various hot dogs option in the Western market (UK and USA in particular) only to face more failure. They even attempted to introduce Chill McHotDog in Japan.

6. McLean Deluxe

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This came out with an advertisement of ‘low fat but tastes great’. The fat got replaced with water – but to make the water stay in the meat, it was mixed with carrageenan, which resulted in an awful taste.

5. McSpaghetti

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Considering the craze of spaghetti in Italy, Mcdonald’s decided to introduce this item on their menu. But an American fast food brand making one of the widely liked items in the country would always sound like a bad idea and therefore, it failed miserably. They came back to America with the same spaghetti but the results were the same. Surprisingly, the Philippines was the only place where McSpaghetti worked and is still available there today.

4. Hula Burger

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Previously, Catholics ignored meat on Fridays so in order to target them, Mcdonald’s came out with a burger having grilled pineapple and cheese inside it. Unfortunately, it was not received well as people liked Filet-o-Fish more.

3. McAfrika / McAfrica

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Sometimes, even bad timing can cost you the potential of a new product as McAfrika was severely criticized for releasing it at a time when Southern Africa was suffering from one of the worst food shortages in the history of the region in 2002, with an estimated 14 million people in urgent need of food aid.

2. McDLT

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This indeed was the most flop sandwich ever introduced by Mcdonald’s in which consumers had to combine the hot and cool sides before eating. It was sold this way with the purpose of keeping the tomatoes and lettuce crisp. But who wants to do the effort of making a burger on their own after even paying for it? Consumers only like a ready to eat burger.

1. McPizza

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McDonald’s wanted to dominate in all three meals after winning customers for their breakfast. To grab customers for dinner, they introduced their own Pizza which at the start was loved for its taste. But since the brand was also known for its fast delivery, it became hard for Mcdonald’s to manage the taste and delivery time together for Pizzas. Later, people just couldn’t like their Pizzas enough.