Because of their rarity and high costs, diamonds represent luxury and extravagance. From engagement rings to necklaces diamonds of all colors, cut and size induce admiration and respect. So here are 10 of the most expensive diamonds in the world.

1. The Moussaieff Red Diamond – worth $8 million

One of the rarest diamonds in the world the Moussaieff Red Diamond popularly called the Red Shield Diamond is worth a high $8 million. It was discovered in 1990 in the waters of River Abzetezinho thanks to the efforts of a Brazilian farmer. And the 5.11 carat stone was purchased by the Moussaieff jewelry company in 2001.

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2. The Heart of Eternity – worth $16 million

This heart shaped beautiful stone is aptly called the Heart of Eternity and is valued at an extraordinary $16 million. Also, the 27.64-carat priceless blue diamond was mined in the South African Premier Diamond Mines. Additionally, this color of a diamond is so incredibly rare that it makes up only 0.1% of this mine’s gem content. And that’s a higher percentage than most mines.

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3. The Perfect Pink – worth $23,200,000

This large fancy intense pink rectangular cut 14.23-carat diamond was recently sold for a high price of approximately $23 million.

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4. The Wittelsbach Diamond – worth $23,400,000

The Wittelsbach Diamond was bought by Laurence Graff in 2008 for this extraordinary figure. And the reports which followed upset a lot of people. Two years after the purchase Graff admitted to having cut the magnificent blue diamond removing 4 carats bringing it to 31.06 carats. While he claimed his intent was to eliminate flaws critics accused him of compromising the diamond’s historical value. Additionally, the stone was renamed to the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond.

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5. The Winston Blue – worth $23,800,000

This exquisite blue diamond weighs a total 13.22 carat and is valued at over $23 million. Worth around $2 million for every carat The Winston Blue is the most expensive blue diamond in the world. Additionally, the pear-shaped jewel is said to be a flawless diamond. The gem was bought by Harry Winston in 2014.

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6. The Pink Star – worth $83,187,000

Originally named the Steinmetz pink, later named The Pink Star, this exquisite gem is weighed a total 59.60 carats. And was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2013 for over $83 million. This modified oval cut gem is one of the most vivid and flawless pink diamonds in the world.

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7. The Centenary Diamond – worth $100 million

The 273.85 carat De Beers Centenary Diamond is the third largest Premier diamond in the world. And it is currently worth approximately $100,000,000. This beautiful colorless heart-shaped was originally weighed at 500 carats. But has since been cut and refined. In fact, after being mined in 1988 the entire refinery process reportedly took 154 days.

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8. The Hope Diamond – worth $250 million

This 45.5 carats deep blue antique cushion cut diamond is valued at around $250 million and can be found in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Over the years The Hope Diamond has been owned by a variety of famous owners including King Louis XIV and Harry Winston. The diamond is rumored to be cursed. Additionally, this is the gem that served as the inspiration for the legendary jewel featured in the Titanic.

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9. The Cullinan – worth $2 billion

The Cullinan 1 is a pear cut 530.2-carat diamond that was originally called the Great Star of Africa and has a legendary backstory. This magnificent gem was discovered in South Africa and gifted to King Edward. Over the years it has been displayed in the British Royal Sceptre and worn by British kings and queens. Eventually, The Cullinan was broken down into 9 large and a 100 smaller diamonds. Currently, many of these pieces are displayed in London as part of the Crown jewels.

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10. The Koh-I-Noor – worth ??

The 105.6 carat Koh I Noor was a beautiful gem worn by the kings of the Indian subcontinent. The jewel has a magnificent history attached to it. When the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan was usurped by his son he was locked in a prison where he placed the diamond in the prison window to see the Taj Mahal – the tomb he had built for his dead wife. Eventually, the stone was taken by the British after they colonized the area.

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