As much as people like to deny it, we live in a world where illegal drugs unfortunately exist. These drugs, ranging from weaker ones to hardcore drugs have significant implications on health. But sadly, it is a reality and many people become addicted to these strong drugs and ruin their lives.

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But the people who supply these substances are probably more to blame than the consumers. These people exploit addicts and supply them with, even more, making big bucks at the same time. However, somewhere along the line, these smugglers slip and are caught, and the findings which are uncovered leave people baffled when the news breaks out. Today is one of those days.

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Recently, two Canadian drug suppliers were caught with 95kg of Cocaine on a cruise ship to Sydney. Melina Roberce, 23, and Andre Tamine, 64 were trying to smuggle the A class drug into Sydney in four suitcases board a cruise ship. They were boarding the 51-day cruise from the United Kingdom through Latin America and then to Australia. The drugs were stored in 4 suitcases according to reports, worth almost $21 million, which aimed to flood the drug market in Sydney.

Porn celebrity Isabelle Lagace pleads responsible to smuggling cocaine worth £xviii one thousand thousand into…

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One more person who was involved was Melina’s cabin mate, a pornstar by the name of  Isabelle Lagace. She was recently sentenced to four and a half years in prison for her involvement in the smuggling.

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The U.S Police was involved in the operation of tracking the trio down. The accused, Tamine, is said to be a loner, with no family or associations, and Melina was described by her boyfriend as someone who’s chasing after money all the time. According to reports, Melina’s father questioned her when he found out about her cruise plan. He was just as confused when he heard that his daughter was embarking on a two-month journey around the world aboard a cruise ship.

He tried to find out who is paying $22’000 for his daughter’s journey. However, regardless of his involvement, Roberce went along with the plan anyway.

Canadian woman Isabelle Lagace pleads guilty to importing cocaine on cruise ship (WAToday) #perth #perthnews

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Melina’s ex-boyfriend claimed a few things about her that explained her behavior. Not only did he suggest that she was money oriented, but he also reported that Melina would go as far as to search for men who were powerful and rich so that they could provide her with those luxuries as well. He’s reported to have said the following about his ex-girlfriend, Melina,

“She was a flirt and moreover, she was just a superficial young woman. Melina was lovely and attractive, but she wanted money and people who had money. It was all about money with her and she was dating older men too because they had the cars and the power to give her the lifestyle she wanted badly. That meant the best restaurants and having nicely done hair and the finest clothes. She just wanted the best things but as far as I knew she never worked for them and had a steady job. 

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She would go clubbing and I know she was dating other guys. We went out for a month and then she just disappeared. We hooked up again two years ago, but we had moved on. But she was still into having it all and having it now. She was into champagne and parties. She just never stopped. It was money that drove her, and if she did that smuggling it just shows that money can’t buy you happiness.”

Lagace, on the other hand, was working in a bar in Longueuil and left without telling many people about her plans. When she posted pictures from her trip, she was criticized for her lifestyle by many of her followers. Something which she publicly disregarded. Lagace reportedly has nude pictures of her on the website called Flashy Babes from when she was nineteen.

Instagram posts document Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace's world tour before drug bust (WAToday) #perth #perthnews

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Tamine, on the other hand, lived in an apartment for ten years. It has been reported that he ran a small business till January, after which he was involved in building maintenance. As far as the reports go, it’s been suggested that Tamine had no children or family and was living alone.

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Authorities placed them on the high-risk travelers’ list. This was done by U.S Border control at the Canadian border. Also, Australian police have indicated that this move was a part of the ‘international crime syndicate’ and was supposed to flood the market in Sydney with drugs. Many agencies were involved in tracking and capturing the drug dealers, which had to be done before the shipment of cocaine was released into Sydney.

The Assistant Commissioner AFP Shane Connelly said: “These cartels should be advised that Australian Border Services are aware of all the methods they could use to bring drugs into our country and we are working with several international agencies to stop.”

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