It’s common sense that an average-looking guy who acts very confidently in front of others has a higher rate of success with women than someone with a more pretty face. There’s an explanation.

Psychological Science acknowledged that men with a higher level of confidence were, in fact, more successful with women than those with lower confidence and handsome looks.

This study consisted of 96 men and 103 women who took part in speed dating. Each participant devoted three minutes talking with the other participant. The results were shocking “men who positively believed that they are more attractive, were found to be more attractive by girls.” And this confidence was key to dating success.

In addition, the study showed that men who are less concerned with their physical appearance are not only more successful with women but also raise confident children.

The Free Spirited Guy

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A free spirit guy goes where the wind takes him in his life — and the wind usually takes him on some kind of an amazing adventure all the time. He might even ride a motorcycle, or skip work to take her on a random date or a road trip. This guy does not worry too much about the consequences that come later; he just sees where his own vibes take him.

Every woman wants some kind of a rebel (within reason). She loves the guy’s carefree attitude and hopes that it will have some influence on her too. The bad boy spirit adds an element of youthfulness to the relationship and she loves to try taming him — although she knows she’ll never actually succeed.

The Intelligent/Witty Guy

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He starts conversations that are intellectually stimulating to the brain and listens to what she has to say in response. He makes her laugh a lot, with his witty sense of humor and has an uncanny skill to make political stories a bit interesting.He will never let her get bored in any situation.

As time goes on, your hair may fall off and your buff body may disappear, but if you can keep her interested, you can definitely win her heart. An intellectual connection is a big part of what maintains a relationship and if you can show her that you’ve got that, she’ll be in your arms pretty fast.

The Romantic Guy

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He believes in classical romance. He is always bringing her flowers and chocolates and lighting candles during dinner. He calls her frequently to let her know he is thinking about her and looks deep into her eyes and tells her how he feels about her all the time.

A woman loves to feel acknowledged, and a romantic person makes this quite possible. He uses romantic gestures to let her know she’s on his mind. As an added bonus, she feels free to respond back and act on her own romantic mindset.

A Deep Voice


Maybe it’s not so astonishing after all that a deep voice attracts many women Science backs up the evidence though. A study by researchers at University College London has even confirmed it, with one surprising factor: that women preferred a “breathiness” with a deep voice, perhaps as a way of softening an aggressive tone.