Ever wondered what ultra rich people do when they go online? They can avail every membership you can only wish for or buy the most expensive stuff online. Some of them even post selfies showing off their wealth in the best way possible. But what most of the common people and even the majority of rich don’t know is that there are websites only made for the ones with hefty bank accounts

Image Source: Pexels/ Bruce Mars

Most of these sites can only be accessed by millionaires or billionaires upon limited invitations. If in case you ever wanted to know about such places online, then we are here to inform you about what happens inside them.

1. James Edition

Image Source: Youtube/ Be Amazed

It’s the world’s largest online marketplace to buy the most luxurious and trendy items available on Earth for every billionaire out there who wants to live his life in James Bond style. You can select anything from world class private jets to fancy cars, bungalows jewelry, yachts, clothes or even accessories.  They have a collection of over 100k things and around 25k rich people visit it daily. If you want to buy the rarest of items like the Batman vehicle from Batman Begins then this is the place you should try with at least thousands of dollars in your pocket.

2. Rich Kids

Image Source: Youtube/ Be Amazed

There is no point in being rich if you can’t show off your wealth to others. Keeping this in mind, Rich Kids was made as to be the only social networking site for millionaires where they could post pictures of their lifestyle. It is similar to Instagram, but if you want to post photos there, you will have to pay a subscription of almost 1000 euros a month. By posting here, millennial kids tend to increase their followers as the general public can join the site fo free only to stalk, follow or like the rich kids’ photos.

3. Luxy

Image Source: Facebook/ Luxy-luxury millionaire dating app

A rich person would usually prefer a rich partner and this is where Luxy helps the rich. It’s a dating website specifically created for billionaires or high-quality singles. Their website claims that 41% of the members of Luxy have an annual income of over $1 Million. While applying for membership is free and open to everyone, yet it only remains limited to the ones that only Luxy accepts or invites.

4. Quintessentially

Image Source: Facebook/ Quintessentially

If you have money, you would never hesitate to spend it on a unique taste. Quintessentially makes sure that rich people buy the best of art work, private tuition or avail luxurious trips. You can also ask Madonna to sing at your birthday party with extra money. This is also membership exclusive that can cost from $5000 to $60,000 a year.

5. Book My Charter

Image Source: Facebook/BookMyCharters

Not every super rich person owns a private jet and that is definitely not necessary either. This uber like site for private aircraft would compensate for that need. Although for now they are only limited to 150 airports in India, you can try a similar company Blade for booking yachts or helicopters in the United States.

6. The Billionaire Shop

Image Source: Facebook/ The Macallan

Much like the James Edition, it is the perfect place to go to for expensive play things. You can even find a Macallan Whiskey 1926 that is on sale for $1.2 Million. This is the only website in the list which aspiring billionaires can also try as the company aims to be a part of their living rather than being an option for the rich to spend their money on.

7. Best of All Worlds

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Another social media for like-minded billionaires, however, it’s not based on posting pictures of themselves but rather aims to connect people in the best way possible. You can post about your future plannings and if it catches the interest of another billionaire around the world, they accompany you in that. It also has the feature to let your friends know about your moods like when you are attending a professional meeting or if you are busy with family, social gatherings or even at a party.

8. Raya

Image Source: Youtube/ Be Amazed

It became extremely popular among the rich millennials as only people from the creative industry got access to it initially by invitation. If you have money you can easily connect with models or TV stars that of course would be a dream come true for every single millionaire as well. Celebrities who have said to be a part of previously include Ruby Rose, Cara Delevingne and even Diplo. It’s extremely exclusive in selecting its members so don’t get surprised if your application gets rejected.

9. Get My Boat

Image Source: Pexels/ Diego F.Parra

Book a boat or yacht and enjoy a day off in the sea with the most luxurious perks. It is available worldwide with 130,000 boats and billionaires can even rent out their own for good income. They also offer various water-related experiences that include snorkeling, paddle sports and diving trips etc.

10. Luxury Estate

Image Source: Pexels/ Ingo Joseph

Property is a billionaire’s top choice. To serve their desires, Luxury Estate advertises the most expensive and grand properties that one can buy around the Earth. Besides this, you also get the most professional real estate agents available for you 24/7, in case of any help.

So, now you know where to spend your money online once you are rich.