iPhone is undoubtedly the most profitable product of modern times. Whilst androids are getting cheaper, iPhone is getting more expensive than before. It has become a status symbol of richness.

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The built-up of iPhone makes it more expensive than Android. iPhone’s highly complex component parts like gyroscopes, accelerometers, multitouch sensors, Gorilla Glass, and incredibly compact and powerful A-series processors makes it one of a kind.

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Other than its components, iPhone integrates not only hardware but also its software. Apple crafts the entire user experience which makes it one of the most expensive products of the modern world.

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The main reason for such an expensive price can be its futuristic features which entice our generation. It has also become a trend to possess the newest iPhone. This drive can be alarming. Researchers are curious to know the answer as well.

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According to the source,

Apple has been intentionally testing the price elasticity of its products in the past few years, and what it found is consumers have an appetite for more expensive iPhones.

Meanwhile, iPhone is set to release iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the new Series 4 Apple Watch, to hit the market. All variants of these models have been sold out on Apple’s website. These models are equipped with large displays and minimal borders, no home button and the FaceID camera system for unlocking the device using facial recognition.




Over their first week of sales, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices claimed 0.76% percent share of the Apple device base. By comparison, the XS and XS Max captured 45% more share, which is a strong improvement.

  • Apple has officially broken their own record by selling their newest and most expensive iPhone, the iPhone X Max.
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  • With key features like high-end X line, including FaceID and a high-powered processor, iPhone XR is expected to be one of the best seller product.
According to the analysts, this year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max gained more market share in the same time period when compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and that is despite the iPhone XR still — the cheapest in this year’s lineup — is yet to launch.
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  • Shockingly, iPhone XR is a lot cheaper than last years iPhone X. iPhone XR starts at $749 whilst iPhone X was worth $1,000. With cheaper LCD screen, aluminum body and single-lens camera, it is catching eyes of the buyers.
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  • The mid-range iPhone XS starts at the same $999 price as last year’s iPhone X. It is functionally similar though.
  • With 6.5 inch screen, iPhone XS Max range from $1,099 to $1,449. It’s the most expensive and luxurious model, Apple has ever produced.
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