There are certain names in this world that do not need any sort of an introduction. Among such names is the late, Steve Jobs, the former CEO of the tech giant, Apple.

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In 2010, Steve Jobs was asked about his thoughts on privacy. To which he responded that privacy should be of utmost importance to tech corporations.

The video of Jobs talking about privacy issues has resurfaced again. It is being viewed as a “warning” of sorts to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook who was sitting among the audience in the interview of Jobs.

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Why is a video of Jobs’ interview of 2010 suddenly relevant again?

It’s because of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal that Facebook went through. The data of millions of Facebook users was accessed by the political firm, Cambridge Analytica, which is thought to have operated on the behalf of Trump’s political campaign.

Needless to say, the users had no knowledge of their data being accessed. This data was used for political purposes and Mark Zuckerburg is facing heavy criticism for it. Could have been avoided if you listened to Jobs, no?

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In his interview in 2010, Jobs when asked about his thoughts on privacy, made it clear that it is and should be of utmost importance to a tech corporation, almost to the point of being sacred.

He further added that privacy means people knowing exactly what they are getting into in “plain English and repeatedly.”

Image Source: Instagram/stevejobs.official